10 Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying an Apartment in Bangalore

Buying a house or an apartment is never an easy decision. Will you have good neighbors? Are there good schools in the locality? Will commuting to work be difficult? The questions and worries seem to be never-ending. And without the right help, it certainly won’t seem so. So, to help with your search and make sure you make no mistakes along the way, here’s a list of 10 things you need to check off your list when hunting for luxury apartments in Bangalore.

1.   Take Note of the Location

Location plays a big factor when shortlisting properties in Bangalore. The city is known for its hectic traffic and unless you are planning to spend hours on the road, it’s better you choose a place near to your place of work. Secondly, location also plays a big role in the type of property or its pricing. For instance, in places like Whitefield, Sarjapur, Hebbal, Malleswaram, etc. you’ll find living arrangements of almost all ranges and piercings. Frazer Town, Basavanagudi, Cooke Town, Indira Nagar, Koramangala, etc. are good ideas if you are looking for posh locales with high-end facilities. J P Nagar, HSR Layout, Yelahanka New Town, Bannerghatta, etc. are good ideas if you’re a nature lover and want to escape the congestion of the city.

2.   Know Your Builders

It is important to research and know your builder so that you don’t get the poor end of the deal. If your builder is a household name, you probably needn’t worry. However do check up reviews and talk to prior clients and neighbours if possible, if you choose a builder with a lesser-known name.

3.   Set a Budget Accordingly

Settling in a new place always calls on many primary and secondary expenses. So you definitely can’t put all your capability into buying a high-end apartment that’ll wipe out your savings. Be wise with your choice and not easy. There are neighbourhoods where you’ll find great luxurious apartments at unbelievable rates. So, make sure before everything you set a budget and then start looking for apartments and shortlisting them, accordingly.

4.   Do Your Research Online and Offline

It is needless to say you need to do a fair amount of research so that you can find the apartment of your dreams. Moreover, make sure you choose a property that won’t make you lose money when you do decide on selling. Take care of the resell value, the brand name, and the builders’ work. And if possible go survey the surroundings, understand your neighbourhood, and evaluate whether it’s the perfect property for you.

5.   Keep Your Documents in Order

Buying a house isn’t a small affair, and can often lead to legal complications if you aren’t careful enough. If possible consult a broker or lawyer to help you through your process and keep you documents in check. Apart from the secondary paperwork that comes with it, the papers that you need to be most careful with are – the property purchases history and the paperwork that proves your ownership. Make sure the government has approved the property plans.

6.   Get the Property Inspected Before You Settle in

The basic necessities for owning a living space are – food, electricity, and a roof over your head. Living in 2022 we are well aware of the global water crisis, and there are living spaces in Bangalore already facing a water crisis. Check the water supply to your shortlisted property. And make sure you’ll sustain a 24/7 water and electricity supply unless in times of grave emergency. Check if there’s a constant electricity backup source available and inspect your property thoroughly for all the necessities before you finalise.

7.   Go Though Your Agreement Thoroughly

The client-builder agreement is one of the most important documents in a real estate purchase. It is also the paper that can put you in a lot of trouble if it isn’t reviewed. Before you sign on the papers, go through your agreement repeatedly and seek the help of a lawyer if needed.

8.   Check for the Amenities

We all have a list of expectations as to what we want from our residence. Choose a property that matches your needs. Does it come with a pool, a gym, a park, or elevators? You’ll find plenty of luxury apartments for sale in Bangalore which will give you the deluxe resort living experience, so why settle for any less?

9.   Carpet Area and Super Built Up Area

The carpet area and super built-up area of an apartment are different and chances are your builder has provided you with the latter. Seek the help of an inspector and learn your carpet area which will probably be seventy percent of the built-up area. The budget set should consider all the factors, and make sure you get what you are paying for.

10.  Compare the Properties

This is a piece of advice not limited to apartments. When you do make your shortlist of properties, compare the prices offered according to builders, locales, and so on. Know the competitors’ work and choose only the best property ideal for you available at the best price. Bangalore, the IT capital for the past decade has been one of the most happening metropolises when it comes to its glorious real estate industry. And there are more than enough reasons why this is the perfect city for you to settle in.

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