13 Albania, the other from Kosovo was sent home from Syria

Tirana: The Albanian Ministry of Home Affairs said on Saturday that four Albanian women and nine children were all related to the Albanians who joined extremist groups who fought in Syria and Iraq, had been repatriated from the Syrian camp.
The group, who landed at Pristina Airport, Adem Jashari in Kosovo neighbors, joined “other Kosovar citizens who left the camps of hell,” the statement said, without expressing the number. At least the face of one person who escaped was seen in the video distributed by the ministry.
Speaking at the airport, the Minister of Home Affairs Albania Bled was washing to be grateful to the US authorities and Lebanon General Abass Ibrahim, who had played a key role in repatriation efforts.
The Minister of Home Affairs Kosovar Xhelal Zvecla does not provide details about the repatriated Kosovar citizens but believe that special institutions will be careful to “rehabilitate” and “do de-radicalization” them.

Interior Minister Albania Bled was washing, washing with US authorities and Lebanon General Abass Ibrahim, who had played an important role in repatriation efforts.

Washing says 43 women and children of Albania whose husband and her father joined Daesh and were most often killed in battles have been brought back in four missions since 2018.
Washing said Albania had a list of residents who were still in the camp and would continue their efforts to bring them back.
Kosovo has sent back at least 121 people since 2019.
“I want to convince the Albanians that we are determined to bring back from the camps of every Albanian who remains there, every child and every woman,” washing.
Hundreds of people from Albania and Kosovo joined Daesh and other groups who fought in Syria and Iraq in the early 2010s.
Many were killed, and their widows and children were trapped in Syrian camps.



source: https://www.arabnews.com/

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