5 Quick Methods For Recruiting Students For Your Online Tutoring Business

The students did not arrive anywhere. I had to recruit my students for online tutoring. Tutors should promote themselves, according to administrators of online teaching marketplaces. Teachers, on the other hand, are not salespeople.

Here are five strategies to promote your online tutoring services online, whether you’re on a marketplace or working independently with your website and blog (highly recommended!).

Tutoring Directories can help you find students.

Tutors can list their services in a variety of internet directories. This is essentially the same as posting free classified advertising, with the exception that it focuses on teaching online tutoring. 

For instance, you can submit your website to our online teaching directory by clicking here. It’s free!

SEO-Optimization can help you find more students.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that refers to many folks who aren’t technically inclined will avoid this subject.

 Part of the problem is that there are too many self-proclaimed experts and prophets in the sector who claim to know what works and what doesn’t, but in reality, the ever-changing criteria are determined by a) the search engines themselves and b) the millions of individuals searching every day.

Using social media to find students for online tutoring

Using social media to produce significant business is necessary for anyone today, whether it’s a one-person home business or a large multinational.

Mass-adding individuals to Facebook and bombarding your “friends” list with offers for private tutoring aren’t going to cut it.

 There’s a lot of advice on the Internet about this, so I’ll simply add one thing: Social Media is a must. However, it must be linked to other initiatives and will fail if not accompanied by blogging and/or real community interaction.


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