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5 Ways To Rapidly Grow Your Email Lists

The use of Email lists today has become more prominent than at any time over the decade. From its usage as means of conversation with people abroad to its prominence in the work field for establishment of work groups, student groups, to register for various working and social networking websites and for having chats and video calling, Email as an effective and affordable means of communication as been immense. Yahoo with its Email list and chat options was one of the first and most used and only recently have we seen the incoming of many other competitions. The charm of the old and updated though never fails to impress and remains the most used.

Email marketing is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to reach a lot of customers who will be interested in your website and the services you offer. This is why business owners should come up with different and quick ways that would help them build their email list in order to be able to reach more of their potential customers. Get to know in details for how to print an email in yahoo

Building an email list in not a one-time thing. It requires continuous effort and attention to keep your email list growing. You don’t just want to build an anonymous email list but you want to fill it with relevant customers who are most likely going to be interested in your website and the products that you offer and will actually generate money for your website. In this article, we will talk about 5 different ways that will allow business owners to grow their email lists rapidly in order to reach a high number of customers.

1. Purchase email lists:

Purchasing an email list is an easy way to get email addresses for your next email marketing campaign but you should be careful before your decide to purchase email lists online. Make sure that you can reach the buyer directly. If you are unable to reach him in person then you might end up with a bogus list. This will, unfortunately, send your emails directly to the spam inbox and might even harm your website image with some servers like Google and Yahoo. Also, make sure that the company is offering money refunds for the undeliverable emails, not just more emails. If the email list doesn’t work for you then you don’t need another list that wouldn’t work either.

2. Target email address:

Emails now can be targeted for various ads through the specification of a certain audience. This will benefit advertisers and business owners who want to increase their email lists and want to target more potential customers.Target email address strategy will be very important in a marketing world where there are more low deliverability and more filtration options offered by different servers to their clients. These enable users to send more undesirable emails to the spam inbox where they are never to be seen. Google started by giving advertisers the ability to create a new audience using email addresses. These will further increase your mailing list which will benefit your emailing marketing strategy.

3. Offer a content upgrade:

You will be by default offering interesting content on your website that is available for all visitors who have clicked your website. This will include blog posts, images, videos and audios that will introduce your products, address different needs and talk about the several services provided by your company. Once you have done all of that, your potential customers will be more interested in your website. This is the time where you should offer a content upgrade, like discussing the topic in depth or providing extra information only if the person provides their email address. This means that although your website should be user-friendly and free to navigate there should be some exclusive content that is only available to email subscribers who have agreed to submit their email thus increasing your email list.

4. Offer a social media sharing button:

People spend more time on different platforms of social media than doing anything else. This means that in order to be able to reach more customers you have to be where most customers are. When you offer you already email subscribers the opportunity to share your content on different social media platforms, this will most probably interest more potential customers. After checking your website and reading your content these new potential customers will be interested in subscribing to your exclusive email list. This will benefit them because they will get more information about your different products, services, offers and promotions and you will benefit because your email list will increase by adding only interested customers who are more likely to be interested in your website and different products.


5. Use opt-ins incentives:

Offering free stuff is the best way to get people interested. If you offer a special discount or a special promotion to new email subscribers, this will definitely encourage different people to subscribe to your email list. You will be surprised to see what people will do for free stuff. Just make sure that you are offering a relevant offer that would make sense to them and that would keep them interested in your website so that they would keep on coming for more. You can also offer some sort of promotion or a free item for current email subscribers who recommend others. Like if someone uses a link from a referral to sign up, they will both gain. Combining benefits is another sure way to increase and grow your email list rapidly.

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