9 Interesting Fun Facts About Tulip Flowers

“tulip” emanates from the Persian term del band, signifying “turban.” There are two likely stories as to the source. The first asserts that the word arrives from the exact shape of the tulip blossom, which is reminiscent of a turban. The second story speculates that it was famous for wearing this blossom in one’s turban, which led to a translation mistake by chroniclers. Tulips are one of the perfect spring flowers. They’re often caught in blossom beds, fields, playgrounds, table arrangements, and bouquets. The vibrantly colored flowers represent spring. They’re among the favorite flowers for seasonal marriage arrangements via online flower delivery services. Check out these ten quirky, interesting, and fun facts about tulips:


The 2.5 billion tulips bulbs that the Netherlands exports consist of 7,000 types. The 23 most significant types make up 40 percent of the tulip bulb production & are sold in playground centers or used for bloom production. The yellow ‘Strong Gold’ is by far the most famous tulip mixture of all of them. ‘Leen van der Mark,’ a red & white tulip, is second.

Tulips are Presumably the Reason Behind First Economic Crash

Wait, what? During the 1600s, tulips were the most expensive flower on the planet—some were even valued higher than most homes. Some said that the cost of a tulip was ten times what a moderate person earned in a year. People traded bulbs far over their exact value before the market unexpectedly collapsed. The word “Tulip Mania” emanated from this occasion.

Holland’s Exports

The Netherlands is the biggest producer & exporter of tulips globally, growing and shipping nearly three billion bulbs each year. In Holland’s chronology, tulips were its fourth-biggest export, after cheese, gin, and herring-online flower delivery in Goa is available.

Tulips are native to Central Asia. 

Tulips are wildflowers belonging to central Asia in the Tien Shan Mountains about the Russian-Chinese perimeter. They spread west & were cultivated in the Ottoman Empire (modern-day Turkey) by 1000 A.D. 


In the earlier seventeenth century, a sensation known as “tulip mania” died out. In a very short time, tulip bulbs could evolve into admiringly valuable items. They were traded on paper for enormous sums while the bulb was often still in the background. A single tulip bulb could be worth as much as an absolute canalside property in Amsterdam during this tulip mania. 

Cooking with Tulips

Just like various flowers, tulips are consumable! During World War II, tulips & tulip bread were regularly consumed by individuals who couldn’t bear the expense of other foods. The flowers can replace onions in multiple dishes and are even used to make fine wine.

Various colors of tulips reveal different meanings. 

Tulips bring a combination of different purposes according to their color. In general, it is thought that tulips represent love and the arrival of spring. Red tulips indicate true love, while with white, you can ask for forgiveness; purple ones symbolize royalty. Interestingly, the bright bouquet has deemed a compliment to the recipient’s eyes. However, in our array of tulip flower arrangements, you can find bouquets in various shades. 

 They are effortless to plant in the garden.

Tulips are enthusiastic about growing and are best planted in the Autumn so that the seeds can form before the frost lifts in. Growing them this late in the year helps wipe out any fungi in the soil that may contaminate the bulb. If grown enormously, tulips are more likely to bloom year after year but less likely to produce. Some types, including the dwarf tulip, also work well in containers.

Queen of the Night

Tulips are understood for their luminous and sunny shades, and they have been developed in every shade except for classic blue (blue tulips exist, but they have a purplish tint). One of the most attractive colors of a tulip sort is the deep purple of the Queen of the Night tulip. The bloom is so dark that it seems black in some lights and fast gains popularity for its unusual hue.

Final Verdict

So, it’s quite clear that there’s a lot connected to this unknown Indian tulip tree. I expect you will find it informative and humorous! So order tulips plants online in India & send them to your cherished ones.

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