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Advocates for Women In Leadership—Moxie Institute Hires Two Phenomenal Women as Their Directors of Training

..La Jolla, CA, 04/20/2022—Speaker training titan, Moxie Institute, has on boarded two exceptionally talented women as their new Directors of Training. Mary Barbara (MB) and Melanie bring a wealth of experience for the company and stakeholders alike and are guaranteed to take Moxie’s industry-leading coaching and training to new heights.

Mary Barbara has devoted 30 years to adult education and professional development. As a certified DDI Facilitator, DiSC Coach and Trainer, her expertise explores the nuances of adult learning. to develop the optimal paths from education to application for top-performing professionals. She created and managed the first mentor program for the Australian Chamber of Commerce while living in Hong Kong, and has led first-class train-the-trainer projects in multiple universities within the US.

Melanie is a consultant, author, facilitator, and thought leader with more than two decades of experience in the areas of leadership, program management, coaching, corporate training, strategic planning, employee engagement, and organizational culture. She holds a doctorate from the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University, served as the VP of Education Solutions Group at MGT Consulting, and has done exceptional work within universities and advocacy organizations.

Both Mary Barbara and Melanie have brought incredible changes and improvements to the teams they’ve led and the organizations they’ve worked for. They serve as a testament to the necessity and immense value of having more women in leadership.

The partnership is a perfect fit considering that Fia Fasbinder, the CEO of Moxie, is also an influential woman in the corporate world. She’s eager to see more women step up and stake their claim to leadership and executive positions across every industry.

She was ecstatic to share her enthusiasm for the new team members:

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to have these two talented and amazing women to lead as Directors of Training! They are forces of nature on their own but together they are a powerhouse that gets sh*t done and I am so proud to bring them into the Moxie tribe! This is HUGE for Moxie as we can now give our coaches additional training to take all our services to the next level. This heralds a new stage in our company’s growth and we’re about to add some serious jet fuel and take off!”

Gregg Fasbinder, Moxie’s President, shares her vision:

“Sometimes the answer to a difficult choice is to choose both. Hiring Melanie and Mary Barbara was a no-brainer as they exemplify all the traits of executive high-performance that Moxie teaches. We’re proud of our Women In Leadership training and coaching program and have some of the most incredible female business coaches in the country. So to have two incredible female leaders joining us to improve the very core of what makes Moxie great is both fitting. And a further commitment to ensuring we’re doing our part to close the gender gap.”

As well as sharpening the public speaking, communication, and presentation skills of industry-leading organizations. Moxie Institute offers personalized coaching and a corporate training curriculum specifically for women in leadership. And those aspiring for it—that are looking to master executive presence and high-performance skills.

Moxie Institute’s relentless passion and dedication to helping business leaders and their teams make an impact with their message and speak with confidence. Along with their unique background in the performing arts and neuroscience, make them one of the most premier and sought-after corporate training companies on the planet.

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