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Anthropology Optional – Significance of Answer Writing

Anthropology is one of the most preferred optional subjects in UPSC Mains. The reason for the popularity of anthropology optional ranges from the easily accessible resources for preparation to a lighter and easily understandable syllabus. Both of which stands true to the claim. The rate of success in UPSC Mains with Anthropology Optional is also very good. One of the crucial aspect in this regard to clear UPSC mains is having sound Writing skills.

Through good writing skills you can secure good marks in UPSC Mains. One can easily score 300+ in Anthropology Optional which also makes this subject preferred among the UPSC Aspirants. In the recent past, this fact is testified by the aspirants who have emerged as the All India Toppers in the Civil Services Exam with Anthropology as their optional subject. Anthropology optional for UPSC has given many toppers in the past like Subham Kumar (AIR 1 2020), Akshat Jain (AIR 3, 2018), Anudeep Durishetty (AIR 1, 2017), Sachin Gupta (AIR 3, 2017) to name a few.

As we I have said already one can easily score 300+ in Anthropology optional provided if one is acquainted well with the answer writing skills for the same. This can be done only through practice. Just to remind you that UPSC 2020 All India Rank 1 holder Mr. Subham Kumar secured 320 marks through anthropology optional, which made him to be there at top 1 position. Try to be the one among top rankers through anthropology and so start your writing practice for anthropology optional from right now and try to improve your writing skills, do not wait until you clear your prelims, just be proactive and be ready for exam always. Keep this in your mind that practice makes a man perfect.

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The subject is more of static and less of dynamic in nature which enhances the predictability of questions in the examination. I.e. direct questions are asked in the UPSC Mains paper which can be anticipated and prepared very well before the hand. The best way to read, revise and complete your anthropology optional subject is through daily answer writing practice. Despite having such advantages many aspirants will fail to get through the journey of UPSC due to lack of Answer writing Practice which is the crux for sailing through UPSC Mains.

As said by Sri Ravindra Nath Tagore, Always remember that “you cannot cross the sea mearly by standing and staring at the water”. Also do not just dream for success, start working for your success. Therefore start your writing practice from today onwards, if not now sometimes it will become never. Keep this in your mind that successful people will always be Proactive in their activities. Try to be one among the achievers by being Proactive.


Check for the Anthropology Answer Writing Program Initiative started by EDEN IAS under the Guidance of Dr. SURESH GURRAMKONDA, Which I found most useful and helpful for an aspirant with anthropology optional like me. When I felt it useful, same may be in your case. Interesting part is that the evaluation also very good and helping me to improve my answer writing skills better and better day by day. Just give a try and walk towards your shore of success in UPSC Journey.



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