Banking Secrets by a Reformed Banker

Before I came a stay-at- home mama, I had spent my career in the fiscal world. Spent nearly a decade in that field and had worked for numerous large well- known banks and small credit unions and everything in between.

Worked for a veritably large upmarket banking institution in CA where I floored buses (between the manufacturer and the dealer) and touched millions of bones a day. Worked in small mama and pop fiscal institutions giving loans (between the dealer and the buyer).

Ran collections, I have given people loans for credit cards, houses, buses, particular loans. I have done data entry and stuffed envelopes. I have held a many directorial positions. Held hand of the month titles.

Raised further capital in my first month working for a well- known bank than myco-workers who had been at their jobs for over 3 times. Vended credit cards, had great client connections, and over all.

Outsold any of my fellow co-workers at every job I have worked. Helped stop fraud, I have worked in fraud departments. I have helped stop hand theft, Done payroll and account for entire fiscal institutions, guests included. I have done it all and seen nearly everything. At least, I sure as heck stopgap I have!

Why am I telling you all this? Is it to sit all high and potent?

Absolutely not. But if you are going to hear to what I’ve to say, you need to know that I KNOW what I am talking about. That I’ve the credentials to speak, because, let’s face it, so numerous people claim all this and further and none of it’s true. Numerous people online are experts in their own minds, not on paper, where it really counts.

In nearly a decade of working in the fiscal setting, then are the most important effects you should know.

1) Noway work for a bank and noway join a bank as a client.

Choose credit unions. Some of the biggest most well- known banks in America are nothing further than frauds. Banks have stock- holders and as similar, they’ve one charge in life. To makeMr. Stockholder rich.

You do all the work; they get all the pay. Some further friendlier banks offer impulses to workers in the form of lagniappes, utmost, and it kills me to say this, incentitive with jobs. As an hand, if you do not vend a certain quantum, you do not work there.

I have seen 3 time old workers let go because they slipped up ONE month and came 20 lower than share. Banks do not watch. Why should they; they can hire someone differently to fill that spot in a matter of days.

At a credit union, its hand grounded, much like Winco. YOU get a share of the gains. They call that tips. You get interest on checking, savings, the total sha- bang. When they benefit, so do you! There is no stockholder at the top stinking up all that cash. It’s distributed within the company, and you’re equal with workers.

Credit unions also tend to give regular lagniappes to their workers and it’s not performance grounded, which means you do not have to be ruthless, you can be NICE and still get paid.

Credit unions generally watch about the people. Because the people are technically part proprietor and NCUA protects credit unions better than banks in my opinion. As a part of NCUA, your accounts are ensured up to$ if the credit union goes belly over and takes off andruns.However, you aren’t covered so well, If banks do that.

2) Banks push overdraft freights.

Oh they LOVE overdraft freights. I’ve tête-à-tête seen overhead of$ 600 in overdraft freights ALONE on a$ 20 overdraft tab! They encourage it. They literally make their rules around encouraging it. Must read EDD banking!

I remember one time in this ruthless bank, that a client came through the doors so distrait. He said that he just pulled out$ 20 from the ATM and it did not say his balance until AFTER it gave him the cash. Red flag# 1, it gave him cash automatically indeed though that would overdraft him! Red flag# 2, it did not tell him his balance until AFTER he withdrew the plutocrat.

You suppose that the bank does not set that all up!!! He was frenetically telling me to just deposit the plutocrat back into his account. He did not want to go overdraft as the figure was overhead of$ 40.

Just put it back, just put it back. Am I going to get charged for this. Of course, no bone could guarantee him he wouldn’t. I checked his account the coming day. Sure enough, there was an overdraft figure and he mentioned he did not get paid for another 3 days.

Let me tell you commodity. Every DAY that your in the red, some banks charge. This man was out$ 120 for 3 mins of being in the red. I was outraged, but of course, there was nothing I could do. I asked my director if we could waive those freights.

The man did not know yet, but I am sure he’d find out. The director said, hear, your new then, but we do not waive freights. In fact, we like it when they overdraft. Still enough naive. I did not get it at the time, but I would latterly figure out the scheme. There are so numerous major swindles going on, it would make your head spin and due to uh MORALS, I had to quit.

3) Bankers aren’t your musketeers.

OK, I know this is going to hurt a lot of you who suppose that your banker is the stylish banker and they know you by name and they love you, adore you, and would noway steer you wrong. But I am a straight shooter, so then goes. Remember in# 1 where you HAVE to vend in order to keep your job. Uh yeah, that is how they do it.

You come a client’s” friend,” gain their trust, make them feel like you’re on their side and not the banks, and also bam, they just talked you into some$ But, they know stylish and you trust them so you do it. At every single institution I have worked for, that’s the protocol.

That’s how banks and credit unions likewise, vend. Now, I will grant you that credit unions watch further than banks do, but it’s always still about the American bone. In every profession on every mainland in the world, it’s always about the plutocrat.

Perhaps, just perhaps, you have a awful banker friend who would noway vend you commodity you do not need. Yeah, uh, those do not last long. They do not produce enough deals and so are discarded and replaced once operation finds out.

I remember working for a particular credit union and they had this specialist come by and we had training and everything, how to vend to a client without them knowing their being vended. Psychology was the forerunner in all that.

And I admit, I was not saved at the time, and I could have vended you ocean frontal property in Idaho. I was good at it. I was one of the bests in every company I worked for because I did have 20 care for the client.

4) Utmost banks aren’t burgled

As much as the average person believes. Yes, I have known people held up and stuffed in the vault and yes, it can be.

We know when and where it’s most likely to be, what utmost stealers do/ how they act, and what to do to actually catch them while they’re still in the bank. The training is horribly boring and horribly expansive and there are tests you need to pass to indeed get on the bottom.

5) Tellers don’t corroborate cash.

I hear it all the time as I am checking people’s cash they give me if I am dealing commodity say on Craigslist.”It’s good; I got it at the bank.

No. The ONLY time we checked bills is if commodity looked odd to us and the longer you work in banking, the more you know a bill like the reverse of your hand. You can smell what denotation it is. OK, not really, haha. But close.

So, as a client it’s YOUR job to check the bills AT THE COUNTER. Once you leave that teller counter, indeed with all the camera’s, they will not do anything about it.

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