Best Academy for Tennis Coaches in Singapore

Best Academy for Tennis Coaches in Singapore

Lawn tennis is gaining definitive popularity among sports lovers in the island nation. It can bring you many physical and social health benefits. But, finding the best academy that caters to highly experienced Tennis Coach Singapore may not be easy, as there are many schools providing tennis lessons.

Therefore, just for your convenience, this article will acquaint you with the best academy that has the top tennis coaches in Singapore. This academy has by far acquired several testimonials of appreciation. It is now one of the leading tennis training schools on the island known as TM Tennis Academy.

Why should you choose TM Tennis Academy?

There are more than enough reasons that make the academy the most preferred tennis training community in Singapore. So, to know more about the academy let us read about its top features and aspects.

  1. Tennis Coaches: TM Tennis Academy offers highly certified and professionally acclaimed coaches. The tennis instructors are not only fervent towards sharing their skillful expertise with students but are also passionate and competent in their training tactics. As an aspiring player or student, you can rely on the coaches, as they are certified by Singapore Tennis Association (STA).

Meanwhile, if you need a female coach, the tennis academy in Singapore has the best female trainers. Like their male counterparts, the female coaches in the academy are also professionally certified players.

  1. Affordable lesson packages: Although having such highly graded tennis coaches in Singapore, the tennis academy offers one of the most affordable training programs. The motive is to promote the game to as many tennis enthusiasts in the island nation. For more information reach out to the most amicable coaches for consultations at TM Tennis Academy.
  2. Wide range of tennis lessons & drills: The tennis academy in Singapore offers a wide array of tennis lesson plans for student players. The expert coaches map out highly sophisticated yet, simple tennis lessons and drills to enable students to achieve the top level of tennis playing ability. The lesson plans include one-on-one tennis lessons, group sessions, paired playing activities, and private tennis lessons. Here is a short description of each of its tennis lessons—
  • Kids lessons— The coaches, at the tennis academy in Singapore not only ensure training the kids with extra care but also infuse moral values, and game discipline in them. The young aspirants are given tennis lessons that fit them suitably on their levels. The kid’s lesson plans are specially designed to help them have healthy physical and mental growth.
  • Private lessons— The best tennis coaches in Singapore will provide a special focus on measuring your level of tennis abilities and accordingly draw out a customized lesson plan. Private lessons will boost your gameplay and help you improve faster.
  • Pair lessons— In this training category, you can practice and learn tennis with a partner of your choice, be it a friend or family member, etc. The coaches in the academy recognized by the STA will train you appropriately with the convenience of learning tennis together with your partner.
  • Group lessons— This is probably the best one as it will cost you less than any other lesson type. The ardent and qualified coaches at the tennis academy in Singapore will offer you a fun-filled and easy learning experience. The group lesson is specially devised to promote tennis training for groups and family members.
  • Corporate lessons— This is another best platform where you can spend valuable time with your office colleagues and play the amazing game of tennis. The academy with the best tennis coaches in Singapore offers perfect schedules and lesson plans for office goers. Corporate lessons are aimed at building a better teamwork attitude and bonding between you and your office friends. This activity will further help in enhancing your corporate performances and acquiring exceptional professional leadership skills.
  • Customized tennis classes: Training classes at TM Tennis Academy are customized for aspirants of any level, gender, or age. The academy with the top tennis coaches in Singapore strives to provide you with a concrete understanding of the proper game ethics and rules. These well-structured lesson plans designed by the coaches will encourage you to easily develop body agility, speed, footwork, various tennis strokes, and reflexes. The tennis classes and training drills are tailored in such a way that they can suit any aspirant, based on levels of their skill and fitness.
  • Strategic gameplay instructions: With years of experience in tennis tutoring, the coaches have mastered the art of tennis. They will teach you the best techniques to make quick strategies while playing a competitive game. The best tennis coaches in Singapore will help you garner the skill to identify your weaknesses and strengths and work on them accordingly. You will be further trained to precisely analyze your opponent and plot the best game plan to win the game.

According to the tennis academy in Singapore, there are four sides of a formidable player. These four specific tennis playing styles can make you an unbeatable competitor on the court. Let us separately understand what these styles are.

  • An aggressive baseliner— Every aspiring tennis player has his/hers own playing style. For example, if you’re a strong forehand player and love volley shots, then you can be a great aggressive baseliner.
  • Counter puncher— If you’re able to generate punitive counter returns and perfect groundstrokes, you are more than capable to compel your opponent to make mistakes in a long rally.
  • All courts— This special style is perhaps coveted by the most. Having this gaming trait would mean that you’re an all-rounder player. With such a skill, you can be an offensive baseliner, a defensive game planner, or a power server, and volley shots player.
  • Serve and volley— This type of tennis playing style may not be easy to develop as a skill. However, the academy with the best tennis coaches in Singapore can help you master these skill sets within a few months. A great server and volleyer can score the fastest in any tennis match. Generating a power serve and quickly moving towards the net for volley shots will simply belittle your opponent on all squares.  


The tennis academy in Singapore missions itself towards promoting lawn tennis to the masses on the island. It brings up one-of-a-kind tennis learning lessons and experiences. You or your family, kids, and friends can join the academy to grab the invaluable expertise from the top tennis coaches in Singapore. Playing tennis on a routine basis can relieve you from stress and other mental and physical disorders. The customized lesson programs can potentially help you in pursuing a serious career in tennis sports. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy a wonderful sporty leisure time, playing tennis with your corporate friends and boosting your professional camaraderie.

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