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What Are The Best Features Of Study Games?

Eco-aire developed by Virtue Gaming is one of the most family-friendly and educational games on the market. Its not only allows users to play fun games, but its eco-friendly theme also aims to bring positive changes to the world.

Eco-aire features meaningful gameplay where players can teach and learn about issues facing the world today, like deforestation, poverty, and plastic pollution, regardless of their age. Eco-aire can be used as an essential tool to learn and play- besides; it also allows its users to make in-app purchases.

A large percentage of funds garnered from in-app purchases will be contributed to combating world issues on a large scale. Eco-aire has a revolutionary dynamic, where players can make positive contributions to the world and tackle real-life issues through gameplay.

A certain percentage of funds earned through in-app purchases will be invested to clean up oceans and water bodies, eliminate deforestation, assist poor children, and save the extinct plant and animal species. Besides, Eco-aire features a refreshing and wholesome gaming platform where players can build green offices and complete meaningful projects worldwide.

Through huge and multi-layered gameplay, players can find out that all elements of these gameplays are interconnected.

What Are The Features Of Study Games? 

  •  The study game’s platform paves to a greener future, where players can set up small eco offices all over the world- especially in London. Players can research new technologies and assist others living in their local communities before building their offices worldwide.
  • The construction of eco-offices is Eco-aire’s primary gameplay. Constructing green offices can gather crucial resources that can further be used for funding projects and assisting those in need.
  • By constructing offices, you will get an opportunity to hire teams and impart train them to help the greater good. With the help of adequate research and development, players will be allowed to develop essential technologies that can work in combating worldly issues.
  • Whether it’s designing drones to reduce water pollution by cleaning up oceans, rivers, lakes, and similar water bodies, or machinery to recycle and clean up tons of waste, tools to save endangered flora and fauna from any threat down the line, or creating eco-materials to construct houses for needy ones- Eco-aire has it all.

One of the study games most prominent and revered features is the Eco Classes. Eco Classes allow players to choose from classes they are fond of. For example, if you wish to support causes saving animals, then you can pick the Animal Lover class. As a result, a large percentage of funds generated by in-app purchases will be donated towards causes that can save animals and wildlife.

Similarly, players concerned about water pollution can choose the class of ocean protectors. Here, funds made from in-app purchases will help clean water bodies and protect aquatic plants and animals.

The Bottom Line

Study games such as eco-warriors can make a massive difference in preserving the earth- especially by controlling global warming issues. Eventually, if you are concerned about humanity as a whole, you can choose the child of the world.

Child of the Earth allows you to feed poor children and humanity as much as possible. You can also choose from an array of customizable features.

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