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VAT consultant in the UAE

As of 1 January 2018, VAT has been introduced in the UAE, with a standard rate of 5% The UAE government provides a wide range of public services to its citizens and residents, with VAT continuing to deliver high-quality public services.

VAT consultants in Dubai enable businesses to carefully document the cost of revenue and associated VAT rates The implementation of Best Vat Consultants In Dubai has a significant impact on business functions and reduces the risk and complexity of transactions.

Tax compliance can be challenging for taxpayers, but with the help of professional tax consultants in Dubai, we continue to support taxpayers in complying with proper tax procedures and VAT requirements. We will analyze your business transactions and resolve all types of tax disputes.

VAT consultant.

Bestaxca Associates – VAT consultancy services in Dubai

We operate as one of the leading VAT consultants in the UAE, providing excellent services in all aspects of VAT. These include.

VAT Consultancy Services – We provide consultancy services to meet the needs of the industry and find the right solutions. Our experts provide guidance on the taxation of transactions and its implications.

VAT return services – we help you to file a VAT return form 201. We ensure that you are provided with the necessary instructions to reconcile input and output VAT. We also calculate the amount of tax due and check compliance with VAT and other laws.

VAT registration – As the best VAT consultants in Dubai, UAE, we refer to our tax audit service, which means independent verification of your books and various tax documents. We ensure proper compliance with tax laws and prevent unfair tax practices in the economy.

VAT deregistration – we help provide an efficient VAT deregistration service within a fixed timeframe. We can facilitate tax clearance.

VAT Training – As the best VAT consultant in the UAE, we provide customized training services on VAT laws and regulations to individuals or businesses. To reduce your burden, all VAT-related procedures are handled by our tax specialists.

VAT Transaction Advice – VAT Transaction Advice services will guide your business in relation to transactions in specific industries. This is an ideal option for companies with complex transactions, branches, and products. Our VAT consultancy services in Dubai will keep you up to date with the latest developments in VAT laws.

Why do businesses need a VAT consultant?

A good VAT consultant in Dubai has an exceptional knowledge of the laws and regulations.

Accurate VAT returns.

VAT consultants reduce the time spent on analysis and assessment.

Risks reduced by finding the best ways to mitigate VAT risks.

Are free zone businesses treated differently under VAT law?

The FTA has issued a series of designated zones and these free zones are subject to a number of specific provisions. These designated zones treated differently as regards the supply of goods. For example, the supply of goods in these zones treated as “VAT exempt”. However, services supplied in these designated zones treated in the same way as those supplied to businesses in the mainland. The same rules apply to businesses located on the mainland. They are normally taxed at a 5% or zero rates.

Why choose us?

Unique VAT service in the UAE – As the leading VAT consultants in the UAE, we provide full VAT support, from consultation to assistance. Full language support ensures minimal disruption to your business, whether your VAT is simple or complex.

Compliant with all VAT legislation – our VAT consultants will help you resolve all accounting and compliance issues, putting the customer first. This allows your management to focus on the core business and other factors affecting the business.

Expert VAT process assistance – As the best VAT consultants in the UAE (Dubai), we ensure hassle-free VAT processes, from VAT registration to compliance. We simplify the process by reducing risks, calculating margins, and all other aspects of VAT services.

A&A Associates offers the best VAT consultancy services in Dubai, guided by expert VAT consultants. Our talented team has in-depth knowledge of VAT rules and regulations.

Bestaxca uses the best tools to automate your VAT compliance process and make it as transparent as possible. Join our team of the best VAT consultants in Dubai and make your job easier with exceptional professionalism

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