Best Video Calling Platform 2022 for Online Class

After the covid-19, online classes have become a conventional part of every educational system (Mishra, Gupta & Shree, 2020). Online classes not only have reduced workload and educational expense but also have given both students and teachers, exposure to the frequent use of technology. It seems like classrooms have been transformed into digital rooms. There are several more benefits of online classes.

However, an online class can never be a successful experience without a high-quality video calling platform. This post will explore the significance of video calling platforms for taking online classes. Also, some of the best sources for conducting online classes will be discussed.

Why Video Calling Platforms are Important for Online Classes?

Online classes are not like a simple verbal conversation that can be done through any communication medium such as social media. The communication apps like Messenger, and Whatsapp, allow you live voice and video calls; you may even make a conference call or a group call though, still, there are some limitations for which these ordinary social mediums are not suitable for online classes.

Therefore, the video calling platforms that are specially designed for video calling and meeting purposes are an essential need for online classes. The developers use AI and other software development trends to incorporate exceptional features in the video calling apps and sites that can make the student-teacher experience worthwhile (help with dissertation, 2021). Also, the video calling platforms, keep the students actively connected during online classes so that no one would feel alienated.

Top-Rated Video Calling Platforms for Online Classes

Some of the world-recognized most reliable video calling platforms for online classes are listed below.

1.   Google Meet

Google Meeting is widely used for official meetings all over the world. Now it is considered to be one of the most favored online class-taking platforms. It is so familiar to all the students that everyone can use it efficiently, especially adults. Even if you pay someone to take a class for you on Google Meet, you do not have to explain to them how to use the app. It is user-friendly with many amazing features. It has a capacity of 100 meeting participants and allows multiple video calls in a sequence.

2.   Zoom

Zoom meeting is another popular rather than the most appropriate video calling platform for online classes. Most educational institutions around the globe are using ZOOM for their online classes. On you schedule your own meeting, start/host a meeting, join a meeting, and can share the screen with the participants.

It allows 100 participants to connect on a video call for 40 minutes at a free version. However, the meeting automatically ends after 40 minutes, but the participants can rejoin using the same Zoom link. Live chat with the host and other participants, reacting with emojis, and electronic hand-raising during class are the additional Zoom meeting features.

3.   Microsoft Teams

This is also a great video calling platform for online classes. It has multiple amazing features such as a virtual whiteboard, screen sharing, presenter mode, PowerPoint grid view, live transcripts, and so on. Additionally, you can spotlight a person or two or as many as you want so that you can have an HD video of their picture. Further, you can divide the students into groups and breakout the classroom into separate rooms. This is the most effective way to use the snowball education technique in your online class.

4.   BigBlueButton

It is another effective and interesting video calling platform used for conducting online classes. It allows the host to record the audio and video so the teacher can record their lectures. These recorded lectures would be helpful for the students who miss class for some reason. On-demand webcasting is one of the most advanced features for which BigBlueButton is favorable for online learning platforms.

5.   U Meeting

U Meeting is also a suitable video calling platform for online classes and distance learning. It is accessible on all sorts of digital devices, whether, it’s a laptop, a smartphone, tablet, IPad, etc. This meeting platform is highly encrypted and secure which means there are no chances of students’ and teachers’ data leakage. For the teachers who are concerned about which video calling platform I should choose to take my class online, U Meeting is a wise option.

6.   Skype

It is one of the former technological innovations introduced to the world for video calling. It is still widely used for official meetings as well as for personal audio and video calls. For the online classes, it comprises all the required features i.e. screen sharing, separate messages, group conversation, call recording, and many more.

Furthermore, live subtitles are an additional Skype feature. Sometimes, there is a distortion in the voice due to which the teacher may not be audible to the students. In such a case, subtitles can help the students to comprehend the lecture.

7.   8×8 Meet

This is an amazing video calling platform that allows 500 participants for video conferencing at a time. Therefore, in higher education like colleges and universities, where the students are in huge numbers, 8×8 Meet is the best choice. Further, there is no time limitation for the meeting. It has end-to-end encryption which makes it 100% secure. Moreover, you can share your class on YouTube Live Streaming by using 8×8 Meet.

8.   GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a web conferencing and online meeting software. It offers you a free demo before buying it. The host must have a paid subscription for it but the participants can join it for free. It has diverse features for meetings, webinars, and training. It allows the user to customize their background and attend the online class from wherever they want. Also, it has meeting drawing tools that can be used for illustration and explanation purposes.

Final Thought

The above-mentioned is the most comprehensive guide about which video calling platforms are best for online classes in 2022. The only essential requirement which you need to consider while using these video calling platforms for the online classes is that you should have a strong internet connection to avail of all their exceptional features without inconvenience.

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