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Birthday Cakes – Why Celebrate Birthdays with Cakes?

How can you forget to celebrate the most memorable day of your life – your birthday? It’s a special day that happens once a year. But it would be a bit short if a birthday cake did not appear, right? It’s not only a birthday attraction but also a traditional birthday symbol for most people, regardless of location and person. But have you ever wondered where the birthday cake came from and how it was eaten? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know its origins? I think so, let’s start.

Its origins go back to ancient Greece. That’s right, it was really so long ago that the ancient Greeks made honey bread and gingerbread for Christmas. And the ancient Romans celebrated birthdays in three different ways: personal celebrations with friends and family, temple and city festivals that were celebrated like birthdays, and the birthdays of emperors, royal and imperial rulers, and their members, past and present, were celebrated by baking and eating honey cake.

And in other countries and peoples, the birthday cake became widespread as early as the Middle Ages. In Germany, it was customary to celebrate the birthday of the baby with a cake made of sweet dough and bread. Over time, this practice also developed in Germany, and the birthday cake became a traditional symbol of a small child’s birthday. By comparison, in England, birthday cakes were often made with symbolic or precious objects. Therefore, in the middle Ages, objects such as thimbles and coins were mixed into the batter when making birthday cakes. In those days, people thought that whoever received the coin would be rich and whoever had the misfortune to receive the thimble would be an old woman.

Today, this is evident to some people when they decorate their cakes with candy, fake coins, and other small objects. There are also different reasons for placing candles on birthday cakes, such as to offer prayers to God on the occasion of the birthday, simply to decorate, to count the age of the people or to blow them out so that the wishes come true.

Nowadays, cakes are used for many different purposes, but the main purpose of making a special cake is always to celebrate birthdays. Nowadays, it has become a common symbol of birthday celebrations.

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