Apartment For Sale in Istanbul

Buy an Modern Apartment in the Heart of Istanbul

Apartment For Sale in Istanbul in particular, are you in the Middle East an important destination for international investors. Innovative luxury buildings meet families and individuals. These brand projects often include swimming pools, on-site gyms, spas, shopping malls and restaurants. Through rehabilitation and rehabilitation programs sponsor by the Turkish government. Districts such as Bahsesehir and Bailikduzu have been expand to the suburbs of modern cities.

King Clap promotes a unique lifestyle in the Turkish region, known for its dissatisfaction with international destinations, especially Yarikabak. Pat likes other resorts such as Turgutres, Gumbet and Torba. Located at the airport, Apartment For Sale in Istanbul offers many apartments at cheap or luxurious rates. Whenever you buy an apartment, consider loneliness, stunning beaches, nightlife, culture, history, and modern amenities.

Turkish real estate purchase process

  • Step 1 ፡ Sign the contract including the terms, payment fees, and date agreed between the buyer and seller. The buyer then goes to the King Clap office with an interpreter to certify the contract and passport.
  • Step 2: All Turkish realtors take the necessary precautions to sell, but many homebuyers use lawyers. This is not require by Turkish law, but it is what foreign rulers want. They supervise ownership applications, inspect housing and ensure that construction, pools and building permits are free of debt and problems.
  • Step 3 ፡ Turkish buyers need certificate of ownership, real estate valuation report details. Arrived at coordinates, location, photos, value of adjacent assets, current debt status, and land registry and DG cadastral.
  • Step 4 ፡ After completing the application and paperwork. Contact your local certificate office to pay taxes and sign the promotion. Then it helps to rename the property utility or connect to a newly built house.

Rental apartment

Some homeowners rent a home in Turkey to earn a second income or cover their operating costs. This can be book, settle and deposit by management, but others in Turkey handle it all year round. However, there are strict rules for property rights. First get a permit, formally register a tenant and pay a 15% tax on income above a certain level.

Prices are falling as some parts of Turkey are crowd with rental properties. So check out the local market and rent a house. Elsewhere, demand will increase, supply will decrease, and rental production will increase. For locals, family, friends and community groups, companies such as owners direct and Apartment For Sale in Istanbul. Create both a website and a Facebook page.

More information about Turkish Apartment For Sale in Istanbul

We are a Turkish home and have helped many buyers. Buy apartments in different parts of Turkey such as Bodrum, Istanbul, Fetti and Antalya. Founded by Tolga Ertukel, Apartment For Sale in Istanbul offers free and independent expertise in assets and Turkey and has over 20 years of experience selling Turkish real estate to overseas viewers. If you want to buy an apartment in Turkey, please refer to the portfolio data. Each talks about prices, locations, services, and views. Or, if you need an apartment in Turkey, call us +90 (544) 880 75 82.


Former Pat and villa owners prefer Charis Beach, Hisar, Obakik, Ordinis, and apartments in the capital. Fateye is the daughter of a poster of the Mediterranean turkey, the owner of natural beauty. And is within walking distance of some of Turkey’s most beautiful landscapes and attractions. With pine hills, hidden stars, unique beaches and historic attractions, this magnificent Mediterranean region attracts shoppers from near to far. Fat Eye also enjoys 300 sunny days and mild winters each year.


Antalya is Turkey’s second largest tourist destination, meeting both lifestyle and investment needs. The area is divide into small resorts such as golf bells and historic sites. In addition, the city center offers the best nightlife and markets in Mediterranean Turkey. Konya Arti Shopping Mall on the edge of the town provides immediate access to the beach, harbor and city center. Meanwhile, the penthouse apartments on the shores of Lara Beach, another very popular area in response to Apartment For Sale in Istanbul, offer stunning sea views to wake up.


Famous for its rocky graveyards, mud baths and turtles in Lycia. Dalian attracts budget-friendly home buyers thanks to its infrastructure investment. But also promises to keep the countryside vibrant.  Homebuyers choose Dahlia because it is not only a natural and peaceful place. But also close to Dalaman Airport and has a short travel time of 30 minutes. Apartment For Sale in Istanbul discreet nightlife center with relaxing bars and great restaurants makes the area an ideal place for retirees and large Turkish immigrants.

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