Car Logos with Hidden Meanings That You’ll Never Guess

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Carrell’s characters are nothing but cringe-worthy, and we’re here to show you all the things that aren’t so charming about the show. Self-sufficiency is a great thing, but it also can mean that you may be missing out on other aspects of life. Do you know what else is great about working outside? All the hidden meanings behind the standard car logos that you never noticed before. Let’s take a look at some of the best-hidden meanings behind car logos.


Here’s one you probably didn’t notice until now: The Volkswagen logo is a three-leaf clover, which is often associated with the phrase “Wish Upon a Star.” This could be a reference to how the car is a symbol of hope for the underprivileged, or it could be coincidental. However, it is worth noting that the three-leaf clover is also a symbol of good luck in certain cultures.


Perhaps the most popular hidden meaning behind a car logo isn’t so much about the logo itself, but about the car itself. What if we said that some of the best car logos have hidden messages that you’ve never noticed before? What if we said that the Toyota logo was actually a tribute to an old Japanese tradition? Here’s what you should know.


The Mercedes-Benz logo is also associated with a special phrase. If you look closely, you’ll see that the three letters spell out the letters “D-E-E,” which are actually just the first three letters of the word “Benz.” This is likely a tribute to the Benz Motorworks, which is where the logo originates from.


We said that some of the best car logos have hidden meanings that you’ve never noticed before, and we don’t think you’ll find a better example of that than with the Ford logo. You’ll notice that the logo is actually two triangles that are facing each other and crossing. This is often seen as a symbol for two people who love each other being together.


The Chevrolet logo has a very obvious hidden meaning, which is “from the heart.” However, what you might not realize is that this hidden meaning is tied in with the car’s history. Chevrolet was actually built from a French company that was selling engines that were made from cast steel. The company was “of the heart,” and they eventually became the “Chevrolet” we know today.


The BMW logo is actually a tribute to a man named Karl Rapp. In the early 1900s, Rapp was a bartender. Who designed many of the symbols we recognize with the BMW logo today. Rapp is often said to be the man behind the logo, and he is often seen as the hidden meaning behind this logo.


The logo of a brand can carry a lot of meaning behind it. And make a statement about what the company is all about. These car logos all have a unique meaning and history behind them. So take a minute to check them out and see what you can find.

Some of these are a little too clever to be just coincidental.  Now, if you’re wondering about the hidden meanings behind car logos other than the ones we’ve mentioned here. We’ve got you covered. We’ve done some digging and found the best 24 hidden meanings behind car logos. So make sure to check them all out! We’re sure you’ll find one that suits your needs.

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