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CCNA Training and Certification – Don’t miss the big data

Cisco CCNA certification is considered one of the best certifications for network professionals at the Associate level. The CCNA training in Dubai is an excellent qualification for IT professionals, which definitely paves the way for them to get better jobs in the industry.

With the advent of Big Data this season, it has become even more interesting for IT professionals to find areas of interest in the IT industry. According to recent studies and surveys, 4.4 million jobs are expected to be created in the IT industry globally by the end of 2015. It has also been found that only a fraction of the jobs will be filled due to a shortage of skilled workers.

These figures encourage IT, professionals, to upgrade their skills and obtain additional certifications to take full advantage of the opportunities available. That’s why Cisco CCNA training programs are increasingly gaining traction in the market. This simply means that CCNA certification is popular in IT circles.

Let’s take a look at how to get CCNA certified:

Stay focused, be mentally prepared – you need to make the decision upfront and be mentally prepared. Decide 3-6 months in advance that you need to get your CCNA certification. This is the only way you can plan and manage your time properly. Needless to say, getting certified is not easy; you need to leave your social circle and focus for at least a few months. You can always make up for a lost social time after certification.

Get good formal training materials – There are plenty of training materials on the market today, from study guides, books, simulations, and more. However, it is best to use formal training materials. Many Cisco CCNA training programs include official study materials – All you need to learn is an updated version of two Cisco Press books, ICND 1 and ICND 2.

In addition to ease of understanding and comprehension, it is important to learn and memorize IOS concepts and commands. The simulator also has its advantages because it can be used to practice commands and build confidence. Cisco certification forums are helpful, providing useful answers, tips and tricks. CCNA Bootcamp courses are also useful, where participants can get hands-on experience.

Deepening knowledge – book learning has many facets. Better time management and a good strategy are needed. Reading whole books, practicing, and asking experimental questions are also useful. Then read carefully to find out what the concepts are and how things actually work. You should master the chapter and ask relevant questions until you have mastered everything.

The best practice is to not study overnight or for a day before getting your CCNA certification. CCNA courses are helpful for participants who are pursuing this certification.

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