Chinese Restaurants Near Me

Chinese Restaurants Near Me

If you want to experience authentic Chinese food in your neighborhood, consider visiting a Chinese restaurant near you. Here are a few suggestions: Xi’an, Little Alley, Shanghai, Szechuan Gourmet, and Shanghai. If you are unable to travel to a Chinese restaurant, you can still enjoy authentic Chinese food from the comfort of your home.


For authentic Chinese fare, there are a number of options close to home in the Xi’an area. For example, you can visit the Xiangyang Restaurant, a local chain that started out as a humble eatery. However, it has expanded since 1999 to include eleven locations in the city. This restaurant is popular with the locals, who enjoy its classic Shaanxi fare. One of its locations is located in the city’s North 2nd Ring Road. This restaurant is spacious and has two floors, including a banquet hall.

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You can also try Baijimo, a Chinese flatbread. Authentic baijimo is made of wheat flour and yeast and baked in a clay oven. Modern baijimo is made in a frying pan, and the flavor depends on the spices used to cook the meat.

The city is also home to De Fa Chang, a famous restaurant that features dumplings. The restaurant’s chefs are renowned for handcrafting dumplings in all shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of fillings. The food here is very popular and highly recommended, and the concierge can arrange dumpling demonstrations for you!

Little Alley

In Murray Hill, Manhattan, you can find Little Alley, a small Shanghainese restaurant. It doesn’t compare to the world’s most famous Chinese restaurants, but it’s still a nice place to grab soup dumplings. This cozy place is a good option for a romantic date or a relaxed meal with friends. The food is a bit expensive for solo diners, but it’s easy to get a table for two. One of the downsides is that it doesn’t have cumin lamb.

If you’d like to try Little Alley without having to leave your home, you can order online. It’s available for pickup and delivery in Manhattan. The Little Alley website and app have a full menu, which you can browse to find what you want to order. Once you’re done, you can review and track your order.


Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines around the world. There are many varieties of dishes that are made from different ingredients and served in unique ways. Some of the more popular options include fried rice, stir-fries, noodle dishes, dumplings, and steamed buns. The best part about Chinese cuisine is that the dishes are usually quick and easy to make.

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Some of the best restaurants in New York City offer authentic Chinese dishes. Hakkasan, which opened in 2012, offers award-winning dishes. Its interior features Italian marble, mirrors, and semi-transparent glass. Its signature dishes include stir-fried pork dumplings and Lion Head, which is minced pork topped with a salted duck egg and served with a sweet sauce. Other excellent options include Shanghai Asian Cuisine and Little Alley.

There are many varieties of Chinese food in New York. Flushing has unending stalls of authentic bites, while Brooklyn is home to late-night Far-East mainstays. Whether you’re looking for traditional Chinese food or dim sum, there’s likely a restaurant in your neighborhood that serves authentic Chinese cuisine.

Szechuan Gourmet

If you are looking for Chinese food near me that combines Sichuan cooking with authentic flavors, you will want to head to Szechuan Gourmet. Located in a drab area of Midtown, this restaurant specializes in Sichuan dishes. Its menu is packed with a variety of spicy and mouth-numbing dishes.

The Flushing location is a newcomer that has earned a rare three-star review from Pete Wells. Its menu is slightly more refined than its predecessors and skips some of the more popular dishes. For example, the boiled fish with pickled vegetable is a standout. The flavor is heightened by dried chiles and shredded sour cabbage. The broth also includes whole enoki mushrooms.

Szechuan Gourmet is located near Times Square. Its decor is more palatable and the lighting is less harsh. Its servers are also reliable and replace tasting plates on a regular basis. A trip to Szechuan Gourmet is a must for anyone who loves authentic Sichuan food.

The menu at Szechuan Gourmet is divided into two columns: Traditional and New Style. Sichuan cuisine can be spicy, so be prepared for it to be fiery. Among the many entrees you can order here include yam gelatin with duck, crispy shredded potato, sliced lamb with chili garlic sauce, and fried organ meats.


If you are looking for great Chinese food near me, look no further than Moy’s Chinese Restaurant. This restaurant serves up delicious Chinese fare with a homey, comfortable atmosphere. You can even order takeout. And if you’re in the mood for dessert, try some of their excellent doughnuts. They also serve great tea.

Moy’s Chinese Kitchen is now available on Uber Eats. While you can’t always find it in every neighborhood, you can get a free delivery from Moy’s. The service lets you order through the website or app. You can then add items from the Moy’s menu to your cart and review your order.

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Silky Kitchen

Silky Kitchen is a fast casual Chinese restaurant that serves a variety of Chinese dishes. It is also known for its dumplings and soup noodles. The restaurant serves authentic Hunan cuisine that is spicy enough to satisfy the palates of New Yorkers. It has a friendly staff and reasonable prices.

Hometown Lu Fen

For a taste of authentic Hunan cuisine, try Hometown Lu Fen slurp shop in NYC. This slurp shop is known for its slurping noises and fiery chili oil. It also offers the “Fish Fillet,” a milky soup made with pork bone broth.

The menu at this Hunan specialty restaurant features several versions of mifen. These light, airy noodles are served with a variety of toppings and savory meats. One of the lightest versions is Three Delicacies, which combines lean pieces of pork, soft tofu, and char siu pork. It comes topped with cucumber, peanuts, and bean curd.

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