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The Dangers of Self-Medicating with Herbs

They say “stay close to nature and it will never fail you”, but is it always the case? Certainly not. Little knowledge can be dangerous if not fatal. That’s why self-medication using herbs is a dangerous step that we take intentionally knowing nothing about the consequences.

Using targeted products from brands that are specialized in Herbal medicine like the Healing Arts of Veda is a way to save yourself and your loved ones from possible adverse outcomes of self-medication. The way to healing is not just to go all natural but to understand what’s the most suitable thing for you. This way you can create an organic and balanced lifestyle to enjoy with your loved ones. 

Following are the reasons why self-medication with herbs is dangerous:

Unsuitable products:

When you are self-medicating you don’t know which product targets your condition? What percentage of the product should you take? There is a possibility that the product you are buying is not of good quality. It might contain toxic substances that can do more harm than benefit. 

There is a fair chance that the product your friend used for the same condition as yours might not be suitable for your body. Our body reacts differently than every human being on this planet even though we’re the same physiologically and anatomically. 

Inappropriate consumption: 

There is a right way to do everything and only experts know the exact right way. That’s why when it comes to medication, especially herbal medication, we must consult a specialist. Herbal ingredients that we use as medicine rarely come with a prescription or proper dosage. The dose which is suitable for an adult might not be suitable for a child. People normally don’t have that knowledge. 

Similarly, people who are not specialists when it comes to herbal medication have no clue about the combination of ingredients. What to take together? What not to take together? Herb that can not be taken daily? Which one should be taken with water? Which should not be taken with water and so on. 

List of common herbs with dangerous after effects:

Following is the list of some very common herbs. We surely have these in our pantry but are unaware of the adverse effects they can cause if not taken with precautions: 


It is one of the most common herbs/vegetables and we all have it in our pantry for sure. People mostly use it in tea or when they’ve flu. Its use in Asia is vast from daily cooking to seasonal flu, ginger is a one-stop shop for all health problems. But the awareness of its excessive use is next to none. Prevention from clotting and eventually excessive loss of blood are the results of improper and supervised use of ginger. 

Aloe Pulp: 

Who hasn’t used Aloe pulp or juice as a cure for dull and patchy skin? Well, aloe vera has been there for every skincare, haircare or even health need but is it that good to rely upon? That’s not the case.

Incorrect use of Aloe vera juice can lead to flaky skin and dryness on the scalp when applied topically. When consumed, it can lead to diarrhea, stomachache or even cancer in some severe cases. 

Liquorice Root: 

The use of Liquorice roots by the Chinese, Egyptians and Indians goes back thousands of years. Its use in the West is also very common nowadays. People use it in desserts to enhance the flavour of the meat. 

But like any other herb, when taken unsupervised and in the wrong way it can lead to some serious side effects. Liquorice when taken improperly can lead to the deficiency of potassium in the body which can lead to abnormal cardiac function. Abnormal blood pressure, mostly high blood pressure and fluid retention or swelling are some other side effects of this herb. 

Betel Nut:

Betelnut is very popular in the beautification industry for its amazing properties against bad odor, especially bad breath. Betel nut sprays are also used to make worm repellent.

With so many benefits, it certainly has its drawbacks which are not negligible at all. The most highlighted side effect of betel nut is on the mental condition, especially for those people who are already suffering from a psychic disorder. Another killer effect of this herb is the cancer of the stomach, pharynx and oesophagus when taken orally. 

American Ginseng: 

Ginseng is a very popular herb in Asian culture especially in Chinese and Japanese. Diabetic medicine, skin care products and herbal teas, all have one common ingredient which is American ginseng. Stress relief, immune system upregulation and collagen-boosting are a few of the most prominent benefits of this magical herb. It is safe to say that American ginseng is present everywhere. 

The drawbacks are numerous and huge. American ginseng when taken irrationally can result in abrupt blood pressure, liver damage, vaginal bleeding, abnormal glucose level and insomnia. Some cancers like uterine cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer are also a result of unsupervised consumption of this herb. 

To Conclude: 

Consumption of organic and herbal products is not entirely harmful as it is also not entirely beneficial. Using the right amount, right product, and right combination is important when including herbs in your diet. These precautions can only be taken when you are fully aware of the benefits and consequences of the product. Only a learned person can tell the difference between both.

Brands like Healing Arts of Veda are working towards the awareness of the right use of herbal medicine. Products that are specialized as per the customer’s need are now being created.  Like any other medication, herbal medication also needs to be regularized. Till then users must be careful when using these especially if they are using them for a longer period of time. Start by searching for brands that are clean, organic and responsible towards their customers.  If you aim to responsibly consume these natural gems they will give you nothing but their nutritional love.  

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