Epson Printer Error State

Detailed Method to Fix Epson Printer Error State Issue

Have you recently encountered an issue where the Epson printer was operating well, and then suddenly was able to read the Epson printers in an error state? No worries! This is a fairly common error that a majority of Epson users encounter on their printers. An unreliable power supply, malfunctioning cartridges or ink cartridges, or even installation issues can result in your Epson going into the error mode and shows error codes like Epson printer error code 0x97. In addition, problems with the printer’s hardware or paper could cause Epson printer issues with the state.

It doesn’t matter if your Epson is stuck in this state for a long time, or you have just discovered the issue right now, you’ll get reliable solutions from this article. These steps have been designed to assist you in fixing the printer that is in error Epson Windows 10. If you encounter any issues with these steps, call us a phone call. Our Epson technical support specialist will help you with an on-call. Let’s get started.

Causes for the fact that your Epson Printer is operating in an incorrect condition

The solution to your Epson printer error may be much easier if you know the real reason behind it. The following are the most probable causes of an Epson printer being in an unresolved state. Check these points and determine if one problem is the cause of your printer’s problems.

  • Incorrect printing software installation.
  • You are not connecting your printer to your network or computer correctly.
  • Any paper that is jammed or other foreign object gets stuck in the printer’s cabinet.
  • The cartridge in your printer isn’t properly fitted to the printer.
  • A power source has been disrupted at your location and this causes the Epson printer to be in an error-prone condition Windows 10.
  • Not up-to-date or corrupted drivers for printers could cause errors in the state of the printer.
  • It is possible that there’s a hardware malfunction could also be excluded.

How do I fix an Epson printer that is unresolved?

If you’re reading this, you are aware of the reason the Epson printing device is stuck in error. However, if you cannot pinpoint the reason, follow the steps listed in this article to begin solving the issue. Don’t leap and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Check the connections to your printer.

This is the very first and easiest method you can take to repair printer problems. This is usually the least understood step since users aren’t paying attention to weak connections. Here’s what you must do.

  1. Make sure that the cable that connects the printer to the computer isn’t loose.
  2. Replace all worn-out or damaged wires.
  3. The power cable should be connected correctly in a proper way to power sources.
  4. It is possible to use compressed air to blast the dust from wires if you can.
  5. Try to disconnect the power supply and reconnect it after 5 minutes. Make sure that it does not show an error state in the display.

Step 2. Open the Windows troubleshooter to find the Epson printer that is in an error state.

It is the Windows troubleshooter is a built-in program that is part of your computer that can assist you in resolving problems with error states in Epson. The steps below will assist you to start the troubleshooter.

  1. Click to the Windows Search bar, type printers, then press Enter.
  2. Go to Printing and Devices and Printers section, where the devices list is displayed.
  3. Right-click Your Epson printer and then click Troubleshoot.
  4. Take a few minutes until the troubleshooter is on the scene.
  5. The malfunctioning Epson printer will be back to normal after the troubleshooter program is finished. It is also possible to restart your printer to bring it back up to speed. If the issue persists then we recommend you install the printer driver again.

Step 3. Reinstall or update the Epson drivers.

Did you upgrade the system you are using recently? If so, the current driver for the printer could be out of sync with the new driver for the system, causing your Epson printer to be in error mode. If, however, you’ve not updated your system’s drivers, you must take the initiative and update your driver for your printer as well. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Start the Run dialog box on your personal computer. To open the Run dialog box, you need to use Windows or R key shortcuts (press both keys together).
  2. Type msc in the search box and press Enter.
  3. You will be redirected to the Device Manager
  4. Find the printer you want to use, then right-click it, and then click “Update driver software”.
  5. Then click “Search” automatically for driver software updates as well as continue following the on-screen directions to finish the process.

Step 4. Clean out the printhead and the cabinet of the printer

Epson printers are built with precision and any ding of an object that is not yours can lead to problems such as the issue of an error. Be careful not to build up dust, paper, or other undesirable things within the printer. In addition, the obstruction within printheads may be an issue for the printer.

Remove Blockage of the Printhead

  1. Switch off the power to your Epson printer and then disconnect it from all power sources.
  2. You can now access the printhead by opening the cover of the printer.
  3. Manually move the printhead to the left.
  4. Then, turn on your printer and print an experiment page.
  5. Click the Tools button on the Control Panel of your Epson printer and choose the Print Quality
  6. Print your printer the report with high quality and then click OK.
  7. Click on the menu button. then click Settings, then click OK.
  8. On the Tools menu, select Clean Printhead. Click OK.
  9. The cleaning process will begin. Once it is completed then you can use your device as usual.

Eliminate any unwanted objects from the cabinet for printing

  1. Shut off your device, unplug your power supply, and start the enclosure.
  2. Check to make sure that no paper is stuck inside.
  3. Check the cabinet thoroughly, and then remove any paper or pieces of paper.
  4. Clean soft cloth and gently roll the paper roller gently to remove dust.
  5. Move the printhead manually towards the left, and to the right side to check for obstructions.
  6. Connect your device to its power source and turn it on and the issue should be resolved.

If the printer is not working, it’s in the error state

You’ve tried everything, but without success? Are you worried that the device’s malfunction can cause other issues? Don’t worry. We are here to help. Our support experts from our team have years of experience handling printer problems. All you have to do is dial us toll-free and speak with our tech support experts for a fast solution. Contact us today to eliminate the Epson printer that is in error mode.

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