dissonant whispers

Dissonant Whispers

Dissonant Whispers is an enchantment spell that deals psychic damage. You can cast it using mystic chanting, but be aware that it is vulnerable to legendary resistance. In this article, you’ll learn the basics of this spell and how to cast it to deal damage.

Dissonant Whispers is a 1st level enchantment spell

Dissonant Whispers is an enchantment spell that makes it appear as if the target is mumbling or chanting. This spell can be used for a stealthy assassination. You can use it anywhere, including in public places, to silence someone in your mind. It’s also powerful when used against mages.

Dissonant Whispers is an enchantment spell that creates a cacophonous whisper that causes psychic damage. It also causes the target to flee. A successful saving throw reduces the damage by half. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw against the spell save DC of the dissonant whisper spell or be forced to run away. This spell can be dangerous if used in dangerous areas, though.

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This 1st level enchantment spell can be used offensively. It can force your opponent to make a reaction to attack you, or it can cause your enemy to flee and provoke attacks from other allies. It can be used to keep enemies away from high-value targets or even force them to use their reaction.

The effects of dissonant whispers vary depending on the spell used. It doesn’t affect the frightened condition, so it’s not effective against creatures that are immune to fear. It can also provoke chance attacks. However, dissonant whispers can only be used on creatures that have been frightened before.

Dissonant Whispers is an enchantment spell from 5e DnD. It is a powerful mind control spell. It deals 3d6 damage to a single target and can be used to distract a target with high value. It also works on multiple creatures at once, so you can make a Dissonant Whispers attack while distracting a high-value target.

It deals psychic damage

Dissonant whispers are a type of spell that deals psychic damage. They can be used to distract an enemy, and work best when the spellcaster can directly target the target. They can also be used offensively by making a threat run away from danger. For example, a spellcaster can use Dissonant Whispers to make an enemy run away, provoking an opportunity attack from an ally.

Dissonant Whispers is a spell of the Enchantment school. It deals psychic damage to a single creature and requires the target to make a Wisdom saving throw to avoid taking the damage. If the target fails the save, it suffers 3d6 psychic damage. A successful save will reduce the damage by half.

Dissonant Whispers is available to Warlocks of the Great Old One and Bards. These classes have a spell slot dedicated to this feat. In DnD, this spell can be found on the expanded spell list of Warlocks of the Great Old One. Other characters can also cast Dissonant Whispers by taking the Magic Initiate feat or choosing to play a Bard.

Psychic damage affects a creature’s existence and can affect both their astral and physical bodies. It may result in a piercing headache, the beginning of a nosebleed, or a wavering connection with reality. It can also lead to existential disturbance.

This ability can be taught at 1st level. When used on a creature within five feet of the character, it deals psychic damage equal to the character’s proficiency bonus. In addition, it causes the target to become invisible until their next turn. There is no limit on the number of times a character can use this ability.

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It requires mystic chanting to cast

A dissonant Whisper is an effective spell that forces your enemy to move backward or stay away from you. This spell is best used against single enemies. It does not work on creatures that are immune to fear. Mystic chanting is necessary for this spell.

Dissonant Whispers is an enchantment spell of 1st level. Certain subclasses and feats grant access to it. The spell deals 3d6 psychic damage to the target, which it must save against. A successful save reduces the damage by half. If you are unable to make a successful save, the target runs away.

It can be offered off by legendary resistance

Dissonant Whispers is an extremely versatile spell that allows you to perform an insane opportunity attack frenzy with your martial allies. It works especially well in conjunction with the Rogue’s Sneak Attack, which can be triggered once per turn or round. This spell allows you to distract enemies from important things or allies, and opens up the battlefield. Unfortunately, it has some limitations and is not very useful against large groups of enemies.

The best use of Dissonant Whispers is against enemy casters. It doesn’t work against creatures with legendary resistance, but it’s very effective against enemies who won’t be able to notice you’re casting the spell. If you’re on dangerous ground, you should save against this spell.

However, the spell doesn’t give the target choice to run away. The creature must use its reaction to move away, or else dispel the spell. There are a couple of ways to get around this. First, you can make a Wisdom saving throw. If you make a successful save, the creature will not be affected by dissonant whispers.

Dissonant Whispers is the first-level spell. It is included on the spell list of the Aberrant Mind Sorcerer and the Great Old One Warlock. Additionally, it is an excellent candidate for Twinned Spell metamagic.

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Another good option is to stack Dissonant Whispers with War Caster. War Caster is a feat that allows a character to cast spells in place of an opportunity attack. This feat makes your enemies look like chumps. You can pair this feat with a Booming Blade to create a powerful combination.


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