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DocuSend integrates with any CRM, accounting or billing software. It has a unique feature that allows you to verify when mail pieces enter the USPS postal stream, ensuring that your documents will reach their final destination on time. This service also enables you to print two-sided documents and upload a CSV file for each document. It also supports two-sided printing and daily reports. Its analytics tools are useful for tracking delivery performance.

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Document delivery service

The Document Delivery service from DocuSend is a cloud-based document sharing and delivery service. Unlike other providers, it can be used on any device, even a mobile phone. The service does not require a user account; all users simply need to enter the recipient’s email address and choose the document type to send. The document is then delivered to the recipient’s inbox, or they can receive it directly through AirDrop.

The service is built on top of the VDX technology that FDI is providing, and the two companies have agreed to load the Zportal and OL2 software onto the Docusend server. This enables Docusend to accept OpenURL requests for documents, as well as identify potential electronic sources of supply. It also enables the VDX DocFind process to process these requests, which can be submitted to the server. The software is loaded and configured by FDI.

The DocuSend service integrates with CRM, billing, and accounting software systems. Using the service, you can track the delivery status of your documents, and view daily reports. Additionally, the service offers a number of other features, including the ability to print documents on two sides and a CSV file. There is no minimum number of documents to send and no monthly fee. And best of all, you can mail as many documents as you need – no matter where you are.

If you’re in business, DocSend is a valuable tool for document exchange. Over 13 thousand organizations around the world use DocSend, and new features are being added every day. In fact, more companies are turning to electronic document management to streamline their operations. DocSend users won’t have to navigate new interfaces or download files created by their software – all they need to do is register on the DocSend system and install the software components on their computer.

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Secure document sharing

DocSend offers a secure document sharing solution that enables businesses to share critical documents. The secure platform protects sensitive documents by encrypting them with strong encryption and includes features such as email verification and whitelisting to ensure that only authorized users can access documents. DocSend’s document platform also features Spaces, a virtual deal room that enables users to manage multiple documents simultaneously. With these features, the system is the perfect solution for businesses looking to share documents with other parties without worrying about insecure links.

If you’re worried about security, you can use DocSend’s password protection to limit who can view your shared documents. The system will track who opens your documents and can restrict access by file type or person. You can even filter your documents by granting access to specific people or groups. The activity tab shows interactions with sent documents. The Shared with Me tab lets you see which documents you’ve shared with other people.

In addition to security, DocSend also provides analytics on how many times a document has been viewed. You can view statistics about how often each document has been viewed and which stakeholders have signed it. You can also create a ‘Space’ where you can share multiple documents through a single link and have them all in one place. And if you’re concerned about legal compliance, DocSend’s eSignature feature helps you convert your documents into legally binding documents. When users sign the document, they can create an audit trail and receive a signed copy.

DocSend offers a free 14-day trial to users. After you’ve signed up for a free account, you can use DocSend to share documents securely. If you’d like a more robust plan, you can also upgrade to a paid plan. The company’s tech support is excellent. Support representatives are available by email, chat, or phone. You can also visit their knowledge base and forum, or request online training sessions.

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Print-to-mail service

The DocuSend Print-to-mail program provides companies with a secure and reliable way to mail documents. Instead of storing paper, envelopes, and other supplies, DocuSend adds a postal barcode to your documents, which reduces your mailing costs and expedites delivery. While the original content of your documents remains the same, the automated process allows you to mail sensitive documents without worrying about compromising the quality. The service takes less than two minutes to upload documents and mails them on the next business day. It is powered by Mail Technologies, Inc., a New York-based company.

DocuSend eliminates the costs associated with printing and mailing invoices by automating the process. You can upload invoices in two minutes, and the mailing cost is less than half of what you would spend on stamps. Moreover, you can easily track your mails through the postal service to ensure that they reach their intended recipients. You’ll be able to track your mail from the time it was uploaded to the delivery of the invoice.

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DocuSend allows users to create and print documents using their billing software, upload them to the mailroom of DocuSend, and pay via credit card or Paypal. In a matter of minutes, they’ll be able to send and mail hundreds of documents. The software’s innovative technology automatically extracts postal addresses from PDFs and aligns them to fit the window of the envelope. It also saves time compared to manually processing mailings.

Another benefit of DocuSend Print-to-mail is its CPNI compliance. As the CPNI rules require carriers to notify their customers in the event that CPNI has been misused or disclosed, DocuSend’s print-to-mail service also stores an archive of previous CPNI letters and images of the documents mailed. If necessary, the service can also reprint documents so that they are sent to the correct recipients.

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Analytics tools

For businesses, DocSend analytics tools provide easy insight, robust document control, and comprehensive analysis of documents. The data is focused on the documents themselves, communication, business materials, and recipients. These analytics tools are particularly useful for tracking which documents are most popular and which ones are not. For example, analytics of document views can help you improve customer service or boost sales. However, the data from DocSend analytics cannot be used to identify the most profitable customers.

DocSend analytics tools break the document delivery process open so that users can track engagement in real-time. Users can even set notifications for when a recipient opens a link. Detailed information from these analytics tools can help businesses determine how to best respond to prospects and improve their processes. For example, they can see how many recipients open a document and how many click specific links. Using this data, entrepreneurs can better target the right audience and improve sales staff productivity.


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