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Fix the Epson Printer In Error State.

Epson Printers are popular because of their innovative design and exceptional print quality. An Epson Printer can be used to print from any device, wired or wireless. Sometimes your Epson Printer might be in error, and these issues can occur for many reasons and sometimes be frustrating. These issues can be resolved by following simple but effective troubleshooting steps to ensure the printer continues working.

Continue reading to learn why Epson Printer won’t Print and how you can fix it.

What does Epson Printer In Error State Windows 10 Mean to You?

Before we get into how to fix problems like Epson Printer won’t print because it is in error, let’s first understand what error state means. An error state in Epson Printer refers to a problem with the printer that displays an error message like “Printer error state.” This means the printer is having problems printing documents or photos.

Epson Printer
Epson Printer

Why does an Epson printer go to error?

If your Epson Printer goes to an error state, it could be because the printer is experiencing connectivity or hardware issues. These are the most severe cases. First, make sure the printer is on.

An Epson Printer may also experience an error condition due to jamming paper. This can also happen if you have Epson Printer error code 00043. The printer can become unresponsive if a piece gets stuck. You must first open the access door to remove the paper from the printer.

How do I fix the Epson printer in error state Windows 10?

You might be wondering how to fix an Epson printer in an error state Epson Windows 10, now that you know what causes it:

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Disconnect the power adapter from the electrical socket. After waiting approximately two minutes, reconnect the power adapter to your electrical socket.
  3. Turn on the printer and verify that the problem is solved.

If the problem persists, you can follow the steps below to fix the Epson Printer error.

  1. Locate the ink cartridges by opening the printer’s access door.
  2. Check to make sure the ink is still in the cartridges. Replace the cartridge immediately if it is empty or low.
  3. Please take off the printhead and wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
  4. Allow the printhead to dry. After it has dried completely, place it back in its original slot and close your printer access door.
  5. Make sure your printer is connected to the correct wireless network. Verify that the printer and device you are printing are on the same WiFi network.
  6. Verify that your printer software is up-to-date.

Epson Printer Will Not Print in Black Here’s how to fix it!

You might notice your Epson Printer is not printing black. Most of the time, an Epson Printer’s printhead is clogged. You can resolve this problem by cleaning the printhead using our discussed steps. After cleaning the printhead, you can test it. You can now check if the problem is solved and if you are receiving the desired print quality output. If the problem persists, ensure you have enough ink in your ink cartridges. Ink cartridges that are not sufficient ink should be replaced immediately. It is best to use original ink cartridges and not generic ones.

Proper Epson Printer Setup

It is essential to set up your Epson Printer correctly. Your Epson Printer setup may be incorrect if you have questions like Why won’t my Epson Printer Print or why my Epson Printer doesn’t print in Black. A clogged printer head can also cause such problems. We’ve discussed how to clear a blocked printer head and how to fix Epson Printer problems. Now let’s look at how to set up your Epson Printer properly.

The user manual comes with your newly purchased Epson Printer. This manual contains detailed information about the printer setup, procedure, specifications, and many other topics. To get a better understanding of how the printer works, it is recommended to read the manual. The manual will also help you to deal with any future printer issues. After reading the manual, follow these steps to set up your Epson printer:


  1. Take the printer out of its packaging and place it on a flat surface.
  2. Turn on the printer by plugging the power adapter into an electric socket.
  3. You can also use a wired connection if you prefer to connect the USB cable to your printer and the other end to your computer’s USB port.
  4. Install the printer software now on your computer. If you have not received the printer driver CD, please download it from the official Epson site.
  5. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the screen instructions to install the printer software.
  6. Access the control panel of the printer to choose the wired connection option.
  7. Navigate to Printers & Scanners in the Control Panel.
  8. Find your printer name, and then set it as the default printer and ensure that ink cartridges have been properly mounted. If they are not, you could experience issues such as Epson Printer error code: 000033.

After completing the above steps, you can print a test page using your computer. You can choose the WLAN setup option on the printer’s control panel if you prefer wireless printing. After that, connect to your wireless network using the WIFI key.

Bottom lines

These are just a few ways to avoid common Epson Printer problems. These steps will ensure a smooth printing experience with an Epson Printer and your issue of Epson Printer won’t print will also be fixed.

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