Nandi hills

For Bangaloreans, Nandi Hills is more than just a road trip.


This is one of the notorious & incontinently plannable places for all Bangaloreans & each season has its own beauty. What’s so special about Nandi Hills is that Bangaloreans don’t leave a chance to visit them as constantly as they can! And when it’s about a long drive and a road trip, nothing can be more soothing. Ever imagined why? Well, it’s because of the beauty of daylight that can be witnessed along the way. It’s also because of the sweet chirps of the catcalls and the cool rainfall of the hills dressed with thick lush green timbers. It’s also because of the enormous openings for camping and touring in the hills.


You should consider leaving as beforehand as possible in the morning as the beauty of the trip lies inversely in the trip as in the destination. The daylight welcomes you with a wide smile and also you’re saluted by the hill covers appearing out of the white shadows.


Preferred mode of getting there

-Your own bike/ auto

– Rented self-drive bike/ auto

– cab/ Cab services

– Bus – least recommended


Once you start driving towards Nandi Hills, guard against sharp turns and steep sides which have minimum walls on the side. And more importantly, don’t keep the doors or windows of your buses open for an alternative. It’s for no other reason but monkeys! A lot of monkeys are aggressive! And keeping food in your hand in front of them shouldn’t be imagined by you indeed in the wildest dreams.

You can do a lot of things at Nandi Hills – from paragliding to boarding to cycling, you have it all. It’s a complete fun package in one place! There are also several sightseeing locales in and around the hills. 

Then there’s a list of top conditioning to try out and places to visit at Nandi Hills.


Tippu’s Drop

With a precipice face at a height of 600 meters on Nandi Hills, you can get an amazing panoramic view of the entire megacity from Tipu’s Drop. This place also holds an intriguing major significance. It’s said that captives were forced down this precipice to their depth in ancient times and the rustling of leaves on windy nights represent their riots.


Tippu’s Residence


Tipu Sultan’s Palace is one of its kind, one must visit it on a trip to Nandi Hills. The palace was initiated by Haider Ali but Tipu Sultan completed it latterly to use it as a summer resort. It was named as Tashk-e-Jannat by Tipu Sultan which means covetousness of heaven.


Nandi Temple

It’s located at the bottom of the hills and is devoted to Bhoganandishwara and Yoganandeeshwara. The interior is beautifully decorated and gives a rustic sense of history.



Nandi Hills is one of the many places in Karnataka where you can find paragliding options. This is the stylish way out to witness exhilaration and beauty all at formerly and 

is veritably popular among excursionists.



Home to the Muddenahalli Museum, this place is notorious for other noteworthy lodestones like Anjaneya tabernacle, Nellikaya Basavanna, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, Anthargange, and Bananthi Bande.


Nehru Nilaya


Food at Nandi Hills


For those who really love food, there’s bad news. There aren’t further than 5 caffs at the top of Nandi Hills so you don’t have a lot of options. One is run by the state government which doesn’t serve a lot of dishes to fulfill all of your wishes. Another bone is the Nandi Hills Restaurant which offers a good view of the hills through its glass wall. Unfortunately, the taste isn’t as good as it should be. So it’s better that you carry your own beaneries along the way and enjoy till the monkeys catch hold of you! There are some tea and snack booths at the top of Nandi Hills which are a good option for quick refreshments.


Any time of the time is good to visit this hill station. The climate is moderate and norway goes to the axes. The temperature in summer goes to 25

28 degrees Celsius and in downtime, it falls as low as 8

10 degrees Celsius Excursionists substantially prefer visiting Nandi Hills during summer to escape the scorching heat of the sun.

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