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Helpful Ceiling Hoyer Lifts Can Save Your Back

Caregiving for an aging loved one can be challenging and time-consuming. It is possible that the person will need help getting in and out of bed since they may not be able to move around as easily as they used to. Joint and muscle stress are compounded throughout the night, so the person may wake up stiff and sore. In these cases, Hoyer ceiling lifts may be necessary. These lifts are beneficial and can save the caregiver’s back.


A Hoyer lift can make caring for an aging relative much more straightforward. Typically, this lift can be freestanding or mounted on wheels, but some rides are attached to the ceiling or wall. These lifts are handy for individuals who cannot support their own weight. They can also assist those who have limited mobility or sensitive joints.

Before purchasing a Hoyer lift, patients should consult with their doctors to determine the best option for them. The doctor can also write an order for physical therapy to assist in increasing physical function. The family should also ensure that the individual with limited mobility is clear about their limitations.

Ceiling Hoyer Lifts

Electric vs Manual

A Hoyer lift is a device that helps the elderly move to and from bed. It is portable, can be set up independently, mounted on wheels, and attached to the ceiling or wall. These devices are helpful for people who are confined to bed due to chronic illnesses or advanced dementia. They also help those who are too weak to stand on their own.

There are two basic types of ceiling Hoyer lifts: manual and electric. A manual Hoyer lift requires a caregiver to push a button to lower and lift the patient. An electric ceiling Hoyer lift uses a motor to lift the patient and drop them. Electric Hoyer lifts are generally considered the safest and most convenient for use.

Portable vs Permanent

The decision on whether to purchase a portable or permanent elderly ceiling Hoyer lift may depend on several factors. The first is safety. While a portable Hoyer lift is much safer, a permanent one requires an extra person to maneuver the large base on the floor. This device is also more expensive.

The next factor to consider is flexibility. You must ensure the lift is movable and easy to navigate around the patient. Especially important in small spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms. Another consideration is design. Some portable roller patient lifts may be inconvenient in certain areas of the house, such as the bathroom.

The weight of a lift is another critical factor to consider. Most portable lifts weigh no more than eleven pounds, but some can weigh up to 30 pounds. If you need a ride that can handle a heavier patient, consider buying a permanent model.


The cost of a Hoyer lift may vary depending on your financial situation. You may be able to get some assistance. You can also try applying for programs offered by Veteran Affairs or other groups that aid veterans with home medical equipment. Additionally, you can look for refurbished or used equipment.

Typically, a Hoyer lift costs less than $3,500, but there are some exceptions. Some lifts, such as the SPN’s lifts, are automatic, which can be helpful for patients with limited mobility. Other brands are more expensive, with prices ranging from $4,500 to over $14,000.

Portable Lift

Place to Buy

When shopping for a Hoyer lift for the elderly, there are several factors to consider:

  1. You’ll want to consider your budget.
  2. You’ll want to know if you need a portable model or a freestanding one. You’ll also need to consider the size of the room in which you intend to use the lift.
  3. It’s essential to be sure that the caregivers are fully trained on how to use the lift and install it properly.

The manufacturer’s instructions should be read carefully, and it’s important to follow them to prevent injury. Additionally, consider how easy it is to operate the lift. Many older people find it difficult to lift themselves from bed. A Hoyer lift makes the process much easier. These lifts have a manual handle that operates a powerful hydraulic pump, which can lift up to 450 pounds. Those who are taller will benefit from the elongated handle, which is great for caregivers who may not be as tall.

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