How can I verify the data in QuickBooks?

Summary: This blog discusses how important it is to run this Verify Data utility in QuickBooks to identify corruption errors and data loss within your QuickBooks files. It also provides instructions on how to use Verify Data. It also suggests methods to fix damaged data and return it to its original complete form. You can utilize the File Doctor Tool to repair the damage to your data, then restore backup files (QBB) to restore data, or utilize an QuickBooks repair tool for files to fix and recover the corrupted QBW files.

A huge QuickBooks database is vulnerable to corruption, which can cause the information in it to become unreadable. QuickBooks data may also become into unreadable and damaged by malfunctioning hardware, network issues malware attacks, and other. This is why it’s vital to check QuickBooks data on a regular basis to ensure it’s safe and not affected or damaged in any manner.

A Brief Overview the Verify Data Utility

QuickBooks has a built-in ‘Verify Data tool to determine whether your QuickBooks databases are in good working order and has not been damaged. In essence, this utility can help to identify issues with data within QBW file, which is the corporate (QBW) file that include:

  • Data consistency issues result from discrepancies between the reports
  • The names of missing transactions or transactions are not on the list
  • The accounts of all the accounts are not visible in the balance sheet report.
  • Issues that stop backup from taking place

Steps to run the Data Utility to Verify Data Utility

Follow these steps to conduct the verification of your data:

NOTE: If you are using QB in multi-user mode, make sure that you switch it back to one-user mode prior to implementing the next steps.

  • Move to the upper left corner of the main menu in QuickBooks and then click File.
  • Select Utility Services and then select to open the Check Dataoption.
  • If the Verify Data utility finds no issue with your data it will give you an error message which reads: “QuickBooks detected no problem with your data.”
  • If there’s an issue in information, QuickBooks can inform you you need to rebuild it.

How to rebuild QuickBooks Data File

Rebuild your QB Data file, and repair the damage to the data:

  • In QuickBooks, click File on Utilities and then click Rebuild Database.
  • When you’re asked Click OK to close any windows that are open in QuickBooks.
  • QB will ask you to backup the company’s file. Select “OK” to proceed.
  • Choose the location you want for saving the backup. then click Save button.
  • The message Rebuild is complete The message will be displayed after the complete rebuilding.

When the rebuilding process is completed, use the “Verify Data tool to verify if there is any remaining corrupted data. If the data remains in error, you’ll have to rebuild it.

Methods for Repairing QuickBooks Data

Utilize the techniques in the sequence listed following to recover the file QB

Method 1 – Run QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor can help solve any network or other problems that prevent a file from a company from opening. It can fix any errorslike H202, H303and -6150 6147. which can cause data loss within QuickBooks File Doctor. QBW file. File Doctor is a tool that can be found in the QuickBooks Tool Hub. File Doctor tool is available within the tool hub of QuickBooks.

Method 2. Restore an Recent Backup

If fixing the company file with the help of the file doctor doesn’t work then restore the file using your most current backup. To do this, open in the File tab within the QB application and then select to restore.

Method 3 – Use Professional QuickBooks File Recovery Tool

Make use of the QB repair tool such as QuickBooks Data Recovery to fix any corrupted error within the file for company (QBW). It also allows recovery of QBW information from backup files (QBB). It supports the most current QB version 2022 through 2007. The software can be used to fix a badly corrupted company data file from QuickBooks(r) Enterprise, Pro Desktop as well as Premier Editions.


It is crucial to run the utility ‘Verify Data’ on the QuickBooks firm file in order to confirm the integrity of data. If the utility detects any issues with the data, you can restore the QuickBooks data by following the procedures described on this post. And If this fails then restore the most recent backup file. If rebuilding fails, try repair the damaged QuickBooks file with File Doctor tool or a professional QuickBooks File recovery tool.

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