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How is Ovarian Cancer Treated? Explain the Procedure

Ovarian cancer refers to the abnormal growth of cells in the ovaries. These cells start multiplying fast and destroy the healthy tissues in the body. There are two ovaries in the female reproductive system, and they are placed on the sides of the uterus. Here is an explanation of the treatment options for ovarian cancer.


Given below are the surgical procedures to remove the cancer:

Surgically removing an ovary: If the cancer is in its early stage and stays limited to an ovary, surgically removing that ovary and fallopian tube would suffice. It preserves the ability of a woman to have kids.

Surgically removing ovaries: If the cancer has spread to both the ovaries but not beyond that, the surgeon might surgically remove both the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Since the uterus is intact, the woman might use donor eggs or frozen embryos to get pregnant.

Surgically removing the uterus and ovaries: If it’s an extensive type of cancer, the doctor will advise a removal of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, the lymph nodes, and some of the abdominal tissue. It eliminates the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Advanced ovarian cancer treatment surgery: The doctor surgery removes as much of the ovarian cancer as possible, along with giving chemotherapy after or before the procedure.


Chemotherapy refers to the use of chemicals to eliminate the fastest growing cells in the body, which includes cancer cells. Such drugs can be taken orally or injected through the veins.

It might also be used after the surgery to kill the remaining cancer cells. In some cases, heated chemotherapy drugs are infused in that abdominal region at the time of surgery. The drugs are drained after a certain time.

Targeted therapy

Targeted ovarian cancer treatment focuses on particular weaknesses found inside cancer cells. Through attacking such weaknesses, the targeted drug treatments are able to kill the cancer cells.

If the doctor is considering this treatment method, they will start by testing the cancer cells to find out the best targeted therapy for the cancer.

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy utilizes drugs in order to block the impact of the hormone called Estrogen on the ovarian cancer cell. Certain kinds of ovarian cancer cells utilize estrogen to grow. Thus, blocking this hormone might help in controlling the cancer.

It can also be a treatment method for specific types of slow-growing cancer. Doctors use hormone therapy for patients whose cancer comes back after their initial treatment.


As indicated by the name, immunotherapy involves the use of the immune system for cancer fighting. The disease-fighting mechanism of the body, the immune system, might not attack the cancer cells as they produce the kind of proteins that let them hide from the immune system. So, immunotherapy interferes with that procedure. In certain cases, immunotherapy might be helpful in the treatment of ovarian cancer.


Ovarian cancer needs timely treatment to be cured. Thus, it is important to contact a doctor at the first sign of a symptom of the disease.

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