How Much Does Capillus Cost?

Capillus(r) is the name of a laser cap hair-regeneration system. That has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It makes use of laser diodes to emit low-level laser therapy to stimulate hair growth and the health of hair follicles by increasing blood flow (you could compare this system with Hairmax and Bosley).

A key point about Capillus(r) This is a direct-to-consumer product, which means it doesn’t require prescriptions or advice from a medical professional in order for use. Capillus(r) products are available for purchase from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer and both retailers offer varying refund policies, restocking costs, and warranties.

The cost of the Capillus(r) device is $800 to $3000. Curallux offers an entire range of products that will enhance and enhance the effects of low-level treatment with lasers (LLLT).

  • Average Cost of Capillus(r): $1,500
  • Price Range for Capillus(r): $800 – $3,000

This is a treatment to treat hair loss androgenetic alopecia, patterns of hair loss, and general hair loss. Capillus(r) is basically a laser device that is powered by batteries. There are a few adverse consequences, and patients experience improvements in their hairlines and hair growth after a couple of months. The cap for laser therapy can be used in conjunction with minoxidil (Rogaine) and other products for hair growth.

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The Specifics

What affects the cost of a Capillus treatment?

The four options within the Capillus(r) line, each with different amounts in LLLT intensity. Based on the specific needs of each candidate the system you choose may be more suitable than the others. The purchase of Capillus(r) Capillus(r) System directly through Curallux can provide the most cost-effective pricing. Additionally, the manufacturer offers frequent sales as well as discounts that lower the price that the device.

After purchase after purchase, once purchased. The system is able to be used continuously as per the instructions. The majority of treatments last for 6 minutes each day for a period of time. There aren’t any subscriptions or costs for maintenance for the use of the Capillus(r) product service.

What are the costs of a Capillus treatment consist of?

What do you really pay for? Purchase the Capillus(r) unit on its own will supply the LLLT machine to use for everyday use. It is enough to restore hair in and of itself. nevertheless, Curallux has a range of other products that will help to enhance the process of hair restoration. These aren’t required to be used, but during the year, they can be added to Capillus(r) system at an affordable total price. In addition, Curallux offers monthly payment plans for applicants who prefer to make payments in installments over the course of time.

What does the cost of a Capillus treatment include?

Let’s take a closer look at the figures. As we’ve mentioned there are four different Capillus(r) devices that offer various amounts in LLLT intensity. The table below details the costs for these products. We’ve also added additional products to provide an idea of the potential extra costs. These aren’t necessary for the usage of the Capillus(r) product or the creation of the desired outcomes.

Does insurance cover the cost of a Capillus treatment?

For a final touch, let’s pose a question to everyone’s minds: does insurance cover a hair-restoration system? For Capillus(r) it is unlikely but we should take this chance to understand what the reason is. Find this definition from American Medical Association (AMA):

  • Cosmetic surgery: Methods alter normal structures for a better look and confidence in oneself.
  • Reconstructive surgery: Procedures are performed on body structures. That is abnormal due to congenital abnormalities. Or developmental disorders such as trauma, disease tumors, or infections.

When it comes to hair transplants, there’s rarely a clinical indication. Therefore, it’s an aesthetic procedure and it’s not covered.

In some rare instances, patients may pursue a hair-restoration procedure due to loss of hair as a result of an illness or medication. Certain cosmetic procedures could be covered if an expert medical practitioner has evidence of medical necessity and proof that alternative treatments did not work. The ASPS provides more specific guidelines that you can discuss with your doctor during a visit.

A final note One final point: The hybrid techniques (aesthetic and functional) are not always covered. In general, unless you have clearly documented and consistent medical disease, Capillus(r) will not be covered.

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