Save Emails from Outlook to Hard Drive

How to Save Emails from Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 to Hard Drive

Summary: Saving Outlook emails on hard drives can be useful as a backup option and can be used for transferring emails between one Outlook accounts to another. Through this tutorial, you’ll learn how to save email from Outlook to a hard drive or to desktop on your Windows PC. The methods described in this article work with MS Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013, and 2019.

Have you ever wondered why hard drives are now an extremely popular computer gadget? Because people have begun to understand the importance of backing up their data that includes the ability to save mails from Outlook to a hard drives. Data is vital and that is true for Outlook data!

To backup your Outlook mailbox, You can save emails in Outlook to the hard drive or local folders like Desktop. This is done using different methods discussed in this article. Use these steps to backup Outlook emails to your hard drives automatically or manually.

Methods to save Outlook Folders for Desktop or Hard Drive

Fast Solution: In case your account is an Outlook account that is configured to use the format of an IMAP or Exchanger Server, we suggest using Regain OST Converter software to save Outlook emails to a computer drive in a simple and simple method. Regain OST to PST Converter software lets you save Outlook emails within an OST file in a variety of types (like PST, EML, MSG, HTML, PDF or RTF) all at once, and saves them to the hard drive of your choice.

These strategies will help you keep the entirety of your Outlook emails and folders for email including Inbox or Items, Drafts, Sent Items Drafts, Inbox and more. On your desktop, or your external or internal hard drive. Also, you can save email on a network hard drive.

Method 1: Choose & Save the Emails of a single or multiple recipients on Hard Drive

You can choose and save Outlook emails on your hard drive in different formats like MSG PDF, MSG, Word and HTML. Follow the steps below to save Outlook emails to Desktop or on your hard drive in various formats .

  • Drag and Drop save Outlook emails on the Drive as MSG. Drive with MSG

In Outlook you simply select any email you wish to save to your hard drive. You can then drag and drop it onto an appropriate folder on your desktop or the hard drive. You can add multiple messages into any network or local folder.

The messages are saved to MSG format. The format of the file is widely accepted and you can open and export MSG email files. MSG email file from the case of any Outlook account.

  • Save Outlook emails as HTML

Apart from MSG Additionally, you can save email messages in Outlook into HTML. These formats are suitable to print out and view on the web. Furthermore, these formats are accessible via any device, even smartphones. The steps are as follows,

  • Open Outlook and then double-click on any email you wish to save
  • The email will be opened in a brand new email window. Click to open the email window. File > Save as
  • From the drop-down list, choose HTML format, and then select ‘ Save’
  • Repeat this process for all other emails you would like to save
  • Save Outlook emails to PDF in the Format

If you want to save Outlook email messages in the PDF format First, save them in HTML using the following steps. Then,

  • You can open the HTML email using any web browser
  • Click CTRL+P and select Save as PDF from the “destination‘ drop-down
  • Choose ‘Save‘ and select the drive or desktop folder that you would like to save your Outlook email in PDF format.
  • Click ‘Save‘.
  • Save Outlook emails to hard Drive as Word Files

In order to save Outlook email messages in Word format Save your emails to HTML format, and then follow the steps.

  • then open Word and then go to File > Open
  • Explore the stored HTML email file, then open the file in MS Word
  • Then , click Save File or click CTRL+S and save the file to a Word document.

Be careful not to drag or drop multiple emails at the same time as it can cause the system to freeze or Outlook crash. Also, at one time, you are able to only save one email to HTML either as PDF or as the format of a Word document.

Method 2: Manually copy Outlook PST to a Hard Drive

If you’ve configured an POP3 account in MS Outlook, it creates and saves all email messages in the PST file as default. Therefore, you’ll be able to look up the folder of Outlook PST on your PC and then copy the PST file onto your hard drive to backup.

In order to do this, discover the PST location of the file. The procedure is as follows.

  • Login to MS Outlook and click File > Account Settings
  • Choose the Data Files tab and then verify where exactly you can find Outlook PST files on your system.
  • Simply click on the PST account file and then click to open it.

Copy Outlook PST files to an external or internal hard drives to backup. PST file functions as a backup because it stores emails that are sent from Outlook on the computer. Additionally, PST file format is widely used and can use it with the case of any Outlook as well as Office 365 account to access the mail and other items.

Method 3. Export and backup Outlook emails OST into a PST File

It is the most basic and easy method to save and backup Outlook emails on your hard drives. With the help of this Outlook Import/Export Wizard it is possible to save Outlook emails that are stored inside an OST file and convert them to PST format.
This will not only help save all emails, but it also allows you to preserve other Outlook mailbox items like Calendars, Contacts, Notes Journals, Tasks, etc. within the PST file. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open MS Outlook. Go to File, Click to Open and Export then Import/Export
  2. Within the Import and Export Wizard window then select Export to an File and then click Next.
  3. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next
  4. If you wish to save an Outlook file to an external hard drive connect the drive with your PC
  5. Click the Browse button to choose the drive’s location from the list of available options and enter a name to the Outlook file Select “OK”.

All of your Outlook email messages will be stored as the form of a PST file on your hard drive. The PST document can later be loaded in every Outlook and Office 365 account to access emails as well as other mailbox items.

Note: This method is effective only when Outlook is available as well as connected to an Exchange server. If Outlook isn’t accessible and you’re unable to export and save Outlook emails to your hard drive with the Import/Export Wizard then follow the following method.

Method 4: The Most Direct and Simple Method to save Outlook Emails on an External Drive

In the event that you use Outlook to connect to the IMAP, Exchange or Office 365 account, Outlook generates an OST file that is secured. To backup emails and save them to hard drives in PST or any other file format using an application such as Regain OST Converter when you are unable to export PST through Outlook.

The method is automated and time-saving and easy method of saving the entirety of Outlook email messages to your hard drive in a variety of formats.

The program can convert all Outlook emails within the OST file into PST, EML, MSG HTML, PDF or RTF format in one go and saves them to a the drive you choose. Therefore unlike manual methods it is not necessary to go through the same steps again to save every Outlook email in different formats.

Furthermore, with the aid of this program you can change an invalid (deleted profile) or inaccessible OST files into PST or save the entire collection of Outlook emails as well as other mailbox items to your hard drive or to your desktop.


Backups of data provide peace of mind for users. You can pick one of the options described in this article to save and backup Outlook emails to a hard drive. While the three options are equally effective, there are some limitations when the use of these methods.

In many cases, these strategies encounter issues with Outlook crashes and hang issue because of a huge Outlook database. This can cause destruction of data and loss of data in Outlook.

Consistency and accuracy of data is a major issue when using these methods. Furthermore it is not possible to save contacts or the rest of your Outlook mailer content. To get around these limitations, make use of Regain OST to PST Converter software. It transforms Outlook OST file to PST as well as other file formats. With this program it is possible to store all of the Outlook emails to your hard drive with just only a couple of clicks.

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