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How to Translate From Chinese to English

Chinese to English translation is a process that requires a thorough understanding of the original language. This process is similar to that of translating a movie or a book from one language to another. The goal of the translation is to render the original meaning in a format that is understandable to an English-speaking audience.

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/th/ – /s/ in chinese to english

When translating from Chinese to English, the /th/ – /s” sound is pronounced like the English “ds”. This is the same sound that is made at the end of the word “hats.” To produce this sound, you have to place the tip of your tongue close to the roof of your mouth. This will allow the air to move through it and produce the correct sound.

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/d/ – /d/ in chinese to english

When comparing /d/ in Chinese to English, it is important to know that there are some subtle differences. In some cases, the /d/ sound may not be present at all in the Chinese word.

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In those cases, the /t/ sound will be used. In other cases, the /d/ sound may be present, but the Chinese language is pronounced differently than the English language.


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