Make your Last mile delivery easy

Logistics is the management of the flow of things between origin and consumption. These resources consist of food, equipment, materials, animals, and liquids. Logistics combines transportation, production, inventory, material handling, information flow, packaging and even security. 

What is the last mile delivery step?

 The term “last mile” is the final step in this process where goods are transported from the shipping hub to their final destination. This is often the most efficient and costly part of the supply chain, accounting for up to  25% of total transportation costs. Investing in last-mile operations is very important because it directly impacts the customer experience. You need to optimize your costs, especially at a time when offering free or same-day delivery becomes important. 

Last-mile delivery is becoming complex:

 E-commerce business is booming all over the world, whether shopping on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. or ordering food, medicine, flowers and more. The demand for last-mile delivery is becoming increasingly complex. Some products must be shipped hot, some cold, and some at room temperature. If you purchased cosmetic cream (online) in Dubai last July (when the outside temperature is +40C), I would like to receive it safely and soundly. Businesses are trying to overcome these challenges to meet customer expectations. Bike delivery box manufacturers are committed to using years of experience and research for transportation companies to solve these problems. 

The problem in last-mile delivery:

 The “last mile problem” has become more difficult as online sales increase. In addition to shipping to customers, the “last mile” includes return shipping when returning or exchanging merchandise. This greatly increases the cost. Bike delivery box manufacturers are working hard to solve many of these problems. 

Right packages for shipping:

 Preparing the right cartons and packages for shipping can help businesses speed up the process. The sturdy and spacious shipping box allows you to carry more items to avoid round trips. 

 Customers spread over a large area will make a lot of round trips, which not only increases fuel costs but also increases driver discomfort when carrying backpacks on their shoulders. The bike delivery box manufacturers ship crate mounts easily to your bike, making it easy to travel long distances without straining the rider’s shoulders. 

 As mentioned earlier,  last-mile delivery is one of the most expensive links in the entire supply chain. By choosing the box subscription model, businesses can significantly reduce the capital cost of purchasing LED light boxes. The company is implementing many innovations to improve efficiency and reduce errors in last-mile delivery. With the advent of drones, self-driving cars, etc., a lot of exciting things will happen in this field. Bike Kit R&D team is also working on many innovations such as IoT integration, thermal management, secure delivery and more. Currently, the world’s first delivery box with LED panels and the backlight is in high demand from last-mile delivery service providers. The “modular” nature of the boxes helps the company increase its export business, as the cost of shipping these boxes is one-third of the cost of shipping the entire box. 

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