d&d 5e mental prison

Mental Prison in D&D 5e

Mental Prison is a powerful spell in D&D 5e that does 5d10 psychic damage. This spell is better than Psychic Crush and is also very powerful. However, there are a few things that you should know before using it. First, you should never use it to protect yourself from a mental attack. This spell is too powerful.

Disintegrate is a d&d 5e mental prison spell

The Disintegrate 5e spell lets you send a creature into a mental prison. This spell affects one target within 30 feet. It requires concentration, and the target must make a Wisdom saving throw to avoid its effects

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Disintegrate is an excellent spell for snatching someone, but it can be a little difficult to cast. Luckily, there are a few options to help make it less effective. The first one, Hold Person, is good for level 3 players. The second spell, Hold Monster, is also a great choice. It works in the same way as Hold Person, but it targets a single target at a time. Unlike Hold Person, it does not have any restrictions on what kind of creature the target can be, and it is a great way to trap someone without letting them leave. However, it’s not quite as effective as Hold Person. It’s also less lethal, and the target is still vulnerable to attack.

Another choice for a mind-control spell is Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, which targets one creature within 30 feet. This mind-control spell requires a Wisdom save to dispel, and it causes the target to become incapacitated. The target can make this save every turn, but the effect ends when the target takes damage.

It does 5d10 psychic damage

This spell does 5d10 psychic damage to a target, but it has some differences from other spells of its level. One of the main differences is that the target must make a successful INT saving throw or take an additional action to end the spell. 

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In addition to psychic damage, this spell can also cause blood to trickle out of the target’s head. In addition, it can cause damage to the brain and can lead to blundering attacks. In some cases, the target’s brain can explode. The spell also comes with a high-pitched whining sound.

This spell also has an important limitation: if the target is trapped in an illusion, they may not see or hear anything outside of the prison. As such, they may not fully deal with the damage. 

Other spells that cause psychic damage can be used to change the mind of a target. For example, a Geas spell causes the target to obey a command, but if they don’t, they take 5d10 Psychic damage. The command has to be non-harmful or suicidal, but it can put the target in an incredibly dangerous situation once the spell ends.

It is superior to Psychic Crush

There are some differences between the two spells, but for the most part, Mental Prison is superior. It creates a solitary prison cell and deals a lot of damage. It’s a 6th level spell with respectable damage on successful saves.

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Whispers of Defeat has a decent range and targets only enemies. It deals 3d6 psychic damage if the target fails the saving throw. If the target succeeds the spell deals half damage. Dissonant Whispers causes psychic damage and requires a Wisdom saving throw.

It is too powerful

Xanatars’ mental prison spell is a new addition to the game and deals 5d10 psychic damage. It requires a successful INT save or the target will become restrained. Once the target has gained the restrained status, it cannot move or attack. 

There are several drawbacks to this ability, mainly its limited spellcasting. Other enemies may be difficult to control with such low stats. Besides, a spell caster with just one Intelligence and one Charisma will struggle against a range of creatures, clerics, and combatants. Ultimately, it all depends on the interpretation of the DM.

It has a rider effect

Mental Prison is a great spell that allows you to control a single target and not let them save themselves. This illusion makes it impossible for the target to move or attack, but the caster can still see and hear them while they are inside the illusion. It is the ideal spell for single target save or sink situations.

It is copyright Wizards of the Coast

The mental prison spell is copyrighted from Wizards of the Coast and can be found on page 161 of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. While this spell is very powerful, it has a number of drawbacks. The first of which is its high cost.


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