Purchasing Cone Boxes

Cone Boxes and Cone Sleeves

There are many options available for purchasing Cone Boxes, such as printed ones or custom cone sleeve sleeves. These items are an important part of ice cream cone packaging and you will want to get them just right. Read on for some tips to make your cone boxes stand out from the rest. This article will cover three popular options for purchasing cone boxes. Regardless of whether you are looking for a cone sleeve or a printed cone box, you will find something to suit your needs.

ice cream cone packaging

Ice cream cones come in different sizes, shapes, and flavors. The packaging for these sweet treats is very important because it is the way people get to know about the products inside. The cones are loaded into a top-loading machine where they are glued or lock styled. Once the cones have been loaded into the machine, they are packed into trays with various units. Cones are then moved through a conveyor belt through different stages of packaging.

A sleeve is used for packaging ice cream cones. It is a thin material used to store ice cream. The sleeve is designed to hold six cones. The top panels have die-cut holes to hold the six cones. In addition, the bottom part of the sleeve has an insert that secures the tip end of the cone. Thus, the ice cream cones are kept in place in the sleeve, which makes the packaging reusable and hygienic.

printed cone boxes

Cone boxes are highly durable and provide a long-lasting impression. They are designed to pack a variety of products. Because of their shape, there is plenty of room for printing, and they are available in a variety of colors and pictorial illustrations. These boxes can be further protected by applying aqueous lamination and spot UV. If you plan to use the cone boxes for long-term storage, these tips can help you make a wise decision.

High-end smoking cones can benefit from a PVC window to catch the attention of customers. Such a feature will help you promote your product in an increasingly competitive market. These boxes also feature information about your company, including your license number and name. Hence, you can expect a boost in sales and profits. Whether you’re looking for pre-rolled cones for retail or wholesale, there’s a custom-designed box to meet your needs.

custom cone sleeve

When it comes to displaying cones, custom cone sleeves are a great option. Printed on high-quality material, they are visually appealing within the display. They also provide a stylish and durable option to meet the needs of any client. What’s more, they’re affordable too. If you’re in the market for cone boxes, it’s time to get started with custom cone sleeves. Here are some benefits of custom cone sleeves.

For a unique, eye-catching custom cone sleeve, add a layer of embossing. Embossing is a process whereby text, logos, and images are pressed onto the sleeve’s surface. Foiling, or hot-stamping, is another method. This process makes objects look shiny, holographic, or matte.


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