Sony Bravia X7400 Series – Triluminos Display, LED Backlight, and IPS Panel

The Sony Bravia X7400 Series comes with a _____________ display. It also uses an operating system known as Windows 8.1. Which of these features best describes the screen quality of the new X7400 series? This article will discuss the Triluminos display, LED backlight, and IPS panel. If you have any doubts, you can visit the company’s website.

Triluminos display

The Sony Bravia X7400 series comes with a Triluminos display. The operating system on a computer controls the hardware, provides services, and manages the programs and data on the device. This television supports the Windows Vista operating system and supports Smart TV features such as Voice Search and Sound. If you have a smartphone, you may find it convenient to use the smartphone’s voice command features on this television.

The Triluminos display makes the Sony Bravia X7400 series stand out from the crowd. The screen is sharp and vivid thanks to Triluminos technology. The TV’s advanced sound features and smart TV features make it a good choice for users who like to watch television with their favorite apps. The Bravia X7400 series is compatible with Windows 7, and it supports features like voice search and smart TV.

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X-Reality PRO upscales pictures to true 4K resolution. The processor also refines and sharpens images in real time, revealing extra detail from low-resolution sources. TRILUMINOS Display maps colors from a wider range for more lifelike, more vivid, and natural-looking images. Motionflow technology helps smooth the movement on screen by eliminating blur and creating black segments between scenes.

The Sony Bravia X7400H 4K UHD TV features a 55-inch Triluminos display with 3,840×2,160 resolution. It supports Dolby Audio. It is compatible with Android TV OS. Android TVs have been available since 2015, and Google’s smart TVs will be available as early as 2021. If you have an Android device, you can use Google Cast support with the Bravia X7400H.

TVs with TRILUMINOS Display have a wider color palette than conventional LED displays. Because of this, they can accurately reproduce even the tiniest variations in shades. The TRILUMINOS Display also enables the TV to reproduce skin tones perfectly, even those that are difficult to display on other devices. There is no better way to tell what the skin tone of a subject looks like.

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LED backlight

Sony has upgraded its BRAVIA XR television series to offer the latest LED technology. These televisions utilize a new edge LED backlight instead of the conventional Cold Cathode Fluorescent (CCF) backlight. These televisions use an array of white LEDs with optical guide sheets that ensure uniform brightness across the screen. Sony’s new Edge LED technology also makes these televisions sleeker and thinner. The new backlight design eliminates mercury, allowing them to be more environmentally friendly.

The Sony X7400 series has a stunning contrast ratio, with a wide range of contrast that makes the image punchy and vivid. The Dynamic Edge LED backlight system automatically adjusts its brightness to match the content of the picture. Bright areas of the picture are highlighted, while dark areas are completely black. This technology helps improve both static and dynamic contrast, which are both important to enhance the picture. Static contrast measures the difference between white and black areas on the screen. Sony’s Dynamic Edge LED system divides the screen into multiple regions, each containing a separate LED. It allows individual segments to dim independently, resulting in incredibly deep, satisfying blacks.

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IPS panel

The Bravia X7400 series comes with an IPS panel. It uses the Windows Vista operating system. The series supports sound features, Smart TV features, and Voice Search. It comes with a 50-inch model. The screen is available for purchase at the lowest price in India on Flipkart. However, you should note that it does not have a built-in camera. If you intend to use the TV as a video phone, you should purchase the Sony CMU-BR100 camera separately.

The Sony Bravia X7400H 4K UHD television offers a 55-inch Triluminos display. It also has an X1 processor and Motionflow XR 100 technology. Those looking for a bigger screen will find the Sony Bravia X7400H, a 55-inch model with a Triluminos display and Dolby Audio.


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