Spiti Valley : A complete Travel Guide


Spiti actually translates to ‘the center land’ that lies among Tibet and India. The nature is uncooked here – with little or no vegetation, snow-capped mountains, and lots of hidden gemstones which can be ready to be explored. One of the excellent motives to go to Spiti is that it isn’t a vacationer hotspot, in contrast to the opposite Himachalanes towns. Getting to revel in a number of the best passes within side the world, age-vintage monasteries, crystal blue lakes, minus all of the technological interference makes Spiti Valley a totally great instance of what we name an ‘off-beat journey The Spiti Valley is a chilly desolate tract placed within side the Lahaul and Spiti district within side the Indian nation of Himachal Pradesh, near the Tibet border. 

Two previously separate districts, now merged into one, Lahaul and Spiti landscapes appear really like that of Ladakh. The common elevation of the valley is over 3,000 meters. Best Time to Visit  Spiti Valley is thought to have an excessive climate. Winter months from December to March are harsh and you may see the valley is protected in a blanket of snow.

 While Spiti Valley may be visited nearly all 12 months long, the ‘it season’ is from June to the beginning of October. The experience through Lahaul and Spiti normally takes eight to nine days to finish with a median of one hundred to one hundred twenty kilometers of use daily. The interesting roadways and treacherous turns will come up with your much-wished dose of adventure. As you experience a part of the country alongside this, take it slow to soak up the exquisite sky, earth, and the entirety in among.

Important Places To Visit While In Spiti

 1. Key Monastery – 

This is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery that later housed the Dalai Lama. As a spiritual education center for Llamas and the largest monastery withinside the valley, Key Monastery nonetheless stays the primary appeal of Spiti. From the monastery, revel in the perspectives of the Spiti River and the good sized land that is going into nothingness.

 2. Chandratal Lake – 

The name ‘Chandratal Lake’ actually interprets into ‘the moon lake’ and this is due to the lake’s crescent shape. This pristine lake is positioned at the Spiti facet of the valley. Camp close to the lake and witness hundreds of thousands of stars withinside the flawlessly clean night time sky.


 3. Kunzum Pass –

 Kunzum Pass connects Kullu and Lahaul Valley to the Spiti Valley and is considered one of the most difficult roads, however the power is so really well worth it. It is positioned at an altitude of 4551 meters! Depending on the quantity of snowfall this location receives, the byskip shuts for operation. 

4. Pin Valley National Park – 

The 675 rectangular kilometer Pin Valley National Park is domestic to a number of the rarest animals in India, along with the endangered Snow Leopard. Other animals like Ibex, Bharal and Red Fox also can be noticed here. 

  1. Suraj Tal – 

Suraj Tal is a stunning small lake positioned withinside the Lahaul Valley of Himachal Pradesh. This lake is a supply for the Bhaga River which later becomes the Chandrabhaga River. Its scenic area is like no other.


 6. Dhankar Monastery and Dhankar Lake –

 Dhankar is a small village located close to Kaza, the capital of Spiti. This traditional Tibetian stimulated village may be made into an afternoon trip. 


7. Kibber Village – 

About 20 kilometers from Kaza, Kibber is a small village of 25-something hamlets. Spend a while strolling through the village

8. Baralacha La –

 Baralacha Pass actually cuts via the snow. This is the primary by skip that you may pass after Rohtang Pass. 

9. Tabo Monastery – 

In this land of monasteries, Tabo Monastery is one in every kind. Built in 996 CE, it is the oldest and still working monastery in India. 

10. Lhalung Village –

 Not very a ways from the capital Kaza, Lhalung, which actually translates into ‘land of the Gods’ is but some other tiny village.

 Culture and Religion in Spiti Valley The way of life in Lahaul and Spiti may be very much like that of Ladakhi and Tibetans for the reason that the location became below the guideline of thumb of Guge and Ladakh kingdoms. The many gala’s and gala’s that the valley celebrates is a testimony to the 3 cultures – Hindus, Buddhists, and Tibetians residing collectively in harmony. Some gala’s celebrated withinside the valley are Losar Festival or Halda Festival in January, Ladarcha and Keylong Tribal Fair in August, and Chakhar Mela in September.

The way of life in the main stays focussed round Buddhist monasteries and one may also locate colorful prayer flags hung out of doors, relics and houses. Apart from Hindi and English, locals additionally talk Stod Bhoti – a subgroup of a Tibetian language. Spiti isn’t your standard eat-sleep-repeat journey destination. Traveling to Spiti would require a little willpower and preparation. But when you are ready, be confident of many limitless memories!


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