Mains Answer Writing

SUGAM – The Ultimate Mains Answer Writing Course for Beginners

Mains Answer Writing

One of the most integral parts of the Civil Services Examination (UPSC CSE) is the Mains Answer Writing. Since the first stage of this examination is objective in nature, aspirants often lag at writing full-fledged answers and get prone to “aspirant’s block”. To help you with Mains Answer Writing, Eden IAS offers a lucrative course under the name “SUGAM” which basically focuses on answer writing preparation for beginners. 

All you need to know about SUGAM:

Taking into account the handful of months that distant Prelims and Mains, this course focuses on covering General Studies I, II, III, and IV papers in their entirety and depth. SUGAM leaves students with the flexibility of either opting for all GS papers or one at a time as per their whims and fancies. The most tedious part of the Mains examination is the General Studies IV or Ethics paper. Here, the Ethics paper is taken care of by the best Ethics faculty member – Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary. With a good command of Integrity, Ethics, and Aptitude, Tirthankar sir makes sure that students grasp the nitty and gritty of the subject well. Pertaining to the pandemic norms, the course has been launch in both online and offline mode.

Mock Test series under SUGAM:

From basic to advance, everything is cover in a systematic and efficacious manner. Mains Answer Writing is earmark by regular writing practices and mock test series on a weekly and monthly basis. Tirthankar sir also takes a separate course for enhancing Ethics, Mains Answer Writing.

These courses are based on only one objective – the more you write, the better you get. Without any further ado, it is recommended that you take up this Answer Writing program. Happy writing and happy preparing for the exam!

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