How Technology is Changing the HR Dynamic

AI is making recruitment smarter, and machine learning ensures better hiring decisions in the HR industry.

The previous 10 years have seen a surge in technological innovation, and the human resources industry was no exception. During that decade, HR accepted a broad shift toward employee empowerment and satisfaction as a new standard. The developments that transpired at that period influenced the character of HR as we know it now. What was formerly primarily an administrative job has grown into a strategic one crucial to the organization’s growth.

According to The HR Federation’s 2019 HCM Trends research, global HR sector technology venture capital has surpassed $3.1 billion. While there are several technologies, artificial intelligence and automation are two of the most exciting—and potentially disruptive—examples.

The technology industry entered the HR industry, influencing it in ways that would support and promote this new, modified HR position. Let’s look at how technology has impacted HR operations since the ’10s.

In the HR Industry, AI is Making Recruitment Smarter

Recruiting new employees is a time-consuming and costly procedure. It is becoming easier to find “talented” people who are also “fit” thanks to technology and artificial intelligence.

Cleard Life’s Stephanie, as well as other AI-enabled suitability screening robot interviewers, now follow government-mandated guidelines. The goal is to reduce the risk of a terrible hire as well as the possibility of a hostile trusted insider wrecking havoc.

Recruiters were previously only able to judge a candidate’s competence, not their character. This has changed, and the development has resulted in a far wiser recruitment approach.

Machine Learning Ensures Better Hiring Decisions

Technological progress has enhanced the ability to standardize what constitutes a “unsuitable” candidate. Thousands of unsuitable candidates, according to study, employ machine learning algorithms, demonstrating that the systems can quantitatively represent character traits such as honesty, integrity, tolerance, maturity, loyalty, and resilience.

As a result, vetting analytics has semi-automated and streamlined the employment background screening process, eliminating many unnecessary steps and enabling for better hiring selections.

HR Taking on a More Strategic Role

The HR industry’s strategic influence on the business is assisting in the development and leadership of a safe and secure workplace by quickly hiring great employees.

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How can Human Resource Management (HRM) fall behind in this day and age, when fast expanding technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are transforming businesses?

Emerging technologies have altered the HR industry’s ambitions away from just implementing procedures and toward a far more ambitious goal: maximizing employee potential.

Thanks to HR technologies, a variety of HR procedures like as recruiting, performance management, employee retention, and payroll have been streamlined and can now be accomplished with a single click!

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