The Noodle Box

Located in the UC Berkeley area, the noodle box is an iconic Asian restaurant. With an interior made of white brick and a wooded ceiling, the spot offers Asian fusion fare, ramen, and dishes from Hong Kong. While it is a fast-casual restaurant, you can expect the food to be top-notch. In addition to noodle soups, you can also order dishes from Hong Kong.

The Noodle box is a four-part sequencer with MIDI and CV/Gate outputs. Each layer runs independently with its own clock division and step count. Each page can have up to 128 steps. It can be cued up to automatically cycle through a list of pages and can be stored in eight memory slots. Its design allows for easy and quick arrangement, which is essential in a live setting.

The Noodle Box is available in many colors and sizes. The color scheme will suit any style. The eight-ounce model is available in a range of designs. It is ideal for those who love to mix and match different sounds. A noodle box is a convenient choice for artists, musicians, and home studio users alike. The noodle box is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the convenience of a portable noodle box.


The Noodle box is an innovative and versatile tool for music production. It offers MIDI and CV/Gate outputs, and a wide range of other features. Its independent layers are backed by waterproof Ingeo, a bioplastic material made from plants, not oil. The eight-ounce Noodle box has a kraft-look print and is certified AS4736 industrially compostable. It is carbon-neutral, and is eco-friendly.

The Noodle box has four independent layers, each with CV/Gate inputs and outputs. Each layer is independent with its own clock and step count. Unlike a Euro rack module, the Noodle box is portable and easy to use, and its horizontal control surface makes it a perfect match for a desktop. There are eight memory slots available for the Noodle box, and the noodle box is designed to fit comfortably on the desktop.

The Noodle box has MIDI and CV/Gate outputs. It has a 4-part sequencer. Each layer can be triggered independently. Each layer has its own clock division and step count. Each page can have up to 128 steps. The Noodle box can also store lists of pages for automatic cycling. It is a powerful music-making tool, but it isn’t intended to replace your keyboard.

The Noodle box is a four-part, 64-step sequencer with CV/Gate and MIDI inputs. It supports MIDI and CV/Gate inputs. It is lightweight and features a rotary encoder. It is compatible with most MIDI devices. Using the Noodle box is easy, even for beginners. It can be placed in any corner of your room or on a table.

Unlike many Euro rack modules, the Noodle box features a four-part sequencer. The noodle box is also capable of supporting MIDI. With its four-part layout, it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It supports MIDI, and CV/Gate interfaces. Hence, it is an essential tool for professional musicians. With its eight-parts, the Noodle box is lightweight and convenient to use in a desktop setup.

Noodle box is a four-part noodle sequencer that features CV/Gate and MIDI outputs. It supports MIDI and is compatible with a number of other popular audio interfaces. It is also capable of connecting to the Internet. A computer with a USB port is ideal for connecting to a Noodle box. Further, the software is portable and easily accessible, which allows it to be a useful tool for musicians.

The Noodle box is a multi-purpose noodle box inspired by the hawker food markets of Southeast Asia. It uses a mighty wok to make its dishes and noodle combinations. The noodle box is a popular restaurant in Singapore. Its menu is diverse, and it can also be ordered as take-out. It accepts credit cards for payment. This noodle box has an app that makes it compatible with any MIDI controller.

Wok to go is a food pail designed for takeaways. Its flexible design allows you to personalize the noodle box with a logo or slogan. The Wok to go food pail is made of 295-grammes massive white cardboard with a 15 micron PE coating. It is not compostable, but is recyclable. It comes with nine sleeves per box and holds 450 pieces.

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