The Satta Matka Report: Predicting The Winning Numbers

You may have heard of satta bazaar or matka bazaar, but did you know that you can even predict winning numbers at the horse races? Satta and matka are two gambling options that are now legal in some states and illegal in others, so make sure you’re clear on your local laws before pursuing either option! If you’re ready to get started, here’s an overview of how to make money by predicting winning numbers in satta or matka games. Just make sure you’re aware of the risks involved before making any bets!

What is a Satta/Matka

Satta is a Hindi word for fixed, settled or laid. It is used in India to refer to illegal gambling, especially involving two-horse (or more) and three-game bets on lottery-style numbers. Each game has its own set of combinations and odds. A sattaka can be either an individual bettor or group of bettors who place bets together as a syndicate on various betting sites.

Types of Sattas

This prediction method will depend on what type of SATTA BATTA you’re trying to predict. For example, if you’re looking for a particular individual, such as a celebrity or politician, then it might be worthwhile to go with one of those more specific (and more expensive) options.

How to Play

Pick your favorite three to four numbers between 1 and 80. Add them up to get a total. If you pick 50, 31, 18, 15, 3, 14 and 7 as your numbers, your total would be 204 (50 + 31 + 18 + 15 + 3 + 14 + 7 = 204). Now you have a base number; chances are that’s not going to be your winning number, so check out your next option.

Tips to play successfully

There are a lot of myths surrounding satta and people feel that it is very risky. But with experience, you will learn how to play safely. Here are a few tips to help you win maximum returns from your betting sessions. Remember, win some lose some is an inherent rule of gambling; however, by following these simple tips, you can certainly improve your chances of winning big time!

How to do a simple calculation

A simple mathematical calculation goes a long way in predicting winning lottery numbers. Pick your favorite number in between 5 and 50, and then add that to another number between 10 and 100. For example, if you pick 14 as your first number, take 85 for your second. If you’re using a third number, take 400 for it.

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