The Truth about Buying YouTube Likes

When you first start out on YouTube, it’s easy to feel like your views don’t matter and that they can’t influence anything at all. It’s also tempting to look online and find people who will promote your channel with fake views to give you the illusion of popularity and legitimacy. If you are thinking about buying youtube likes or subscribing to someone who will, keep reading to learn why this isn’t necessarily the best choice for your channel or your business, no matter how tempting it might seem.

Do they help your rankings?

The first and most important question to ask yourself is whether buying YouTube likes will actually help your rankings. Will having a million views (and none of them are from real people) get you anywhere?

Where can you buy them?

Many people think that buying likes is a waste of money, and they’re right… to an extent. Let’s say you buy 1,000 likes for $10. You probably won’t see much of a spike in your video views at all. But if you buy 5,000 or 10,000? Now we’re talking! With those numbers of likes on your video, it will be impossible for people not to notice it!

How do you know you are buying real ones?

If you search for buy youtube likes on Google, you will see over a million results. Be sure to read reviews before deciding on which service to use, because not all services are what they seem. Purchasing fake likes is a very common practice, but does it actually help your channel? The answer may surprise you! Many people buy views without knowing what they are doing; in many cases, these views can actually hurt your channel.

Can I get banned for buying YouTube likes?

Social Blade isn’t much different from buying other online advertising. In fact, it’s very similar to putting an ad in front of someone on any website; some people might click, others might not. As long as you keep your video within Google’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, then there shouldn’t be any reason for concern with regards to getting banned for buying likes.

Best places to buy them

Wherever you decide to buy them, make sure you choose a reputable provider, who can offer money back guarantees and any other safeguards that are required by local law. In most cases (unless you’re buying likes for something totally illegal), if you don’t get what you paid for, some or all of your money will be returned to you.

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