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The water softener By Water Logic At Good Prices In Pakistan

Compact water softening system

Domestic water softeners can take up a lot of space most traditional systems are quite bulky, especially resin tanks. If you have a large garage or utility room to house a water softener, you’re in luck. But most people don’t have room in their home for anything other than a washer, dryer, water heater, and other large appliances. For this reason, some homeowners like the idea of installing an outdoor system. There are a few key issues to consider before you get started.

Cold weather

Obviously, if you live up north, you know that it’s impossible to install an outdoor water softener, but if you live in Florida, you may be tempted to install an outdoor water softener because you usually don’t have cold weather. Although there is a solution to this problem, remember that if the water freezes in the water softener tank, it can cause serious damage to the water softener. In fact, there are ways to install a water softener outdoors, no matter where you live. You can build an insulated shelter above the unit or bury it underground.


A water purification system is usually a fairly durable piece of equipment, but over time the system can wear out if left exposed to the elements. If you plan to install a water softener outdoors, be sure to protect all valves and all components that will be exposed to the elements. Some systems are sold for both indoor and outdoor use, but are not designed for continuous exposure to sun, rain, ice or snow. Before you decide to install a water softening system outdoors, make sure it has a warranty that covers outdoor installation.


If you are installing a typical ion exchange water softening system, i.e. a salt-based system, you will need access not only to water but also to electricity and drainage. If you have access to all of these, installing the unit outdoors can be an excellent idea, as you can place the water softener and all the sodium chloride bags in a small shed. Since the salt is usually transported in 40 or 80 kg bags, it will be very advantageous to place it outdoors, but protected from outside influences.


So, you may not have the space to install a large softener, but you live in a very cold climate and installing an outdoor system is a big challenge, and there are some other alternatives you may want to consider. A compact unit may be a good option, some units are designed to make the most of space, or you can simply install a water softener to soften your drinking water, you could settle for a unit that produces much less softened water per day. You may also want to consider a salt-free system, which is essentially a salt-free system, but it doesn’t do exactly the same thing as a salt-based system, but if space is a big issue, you may want to consider it.

There are also water softeners on the market for point-of-use; a water softener system that mounts directly to the shower head and some dishwashers have a built-in water softener. Unfortunately, these alternatives also have drawbacks, as point-of-use systems only work in a small area, meaning you’ll need to buy more of them to reap the benefits of a whole-house system, which can be more expensive.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure that a water softening system from waterlogic.pk will benefit you in the form of great tasting water, brighter colored clothes, good lathering soap, reliable plumbing and long lasting fixtures and appliances.

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