Tips To Hone Your Assignment Writing Skills

Tips To Hone Your Assignment Writing Skills

With the introduction of online resources like word counter tools, plagiarism checkers, and similar tools, students have become too reliant on them. But, according to a senior at a reputable university in the UK, “What’s the point of writing correct spellings when the proofreading tool can correct the mistakes automatically?”

It’s hard to refute such logic if it weren’t for the fact that the quality of writing has deteriorated significantly in the past decade. As students begin to rely on college paper writing services to polish their papers to perfection, the ability to write well takes a critical hit.

However, thinking “Who can I hire today to make my essay for me?” and choosing an expert to complete the assignment on your behalf won’t work in the long run because:

  1. It is an expensive solution
  2. It doesn’t guarantee a good grade

Unlike a free word counter tool that you can use at your convenience, you cannot expect professional experts to help you write your paper for free. Therefore, this article explores specific tips that you can use to improve your writing skills.

Don’t beat around the bush

If you spend too much time skirting around the main topic of your assignment, your readers won’t take long to lose interest in the writing. Hence, whenever you receive a low grade and wonder, “It would have been better if someone could do my homework,” check if you have directly addressed the central issue in your assignment.

Lean towards short sentences

For every long sentence you write, you must remember that it becomes more challenging for the reader to retain information. Long sentences also invite more chances for grammatical errors. Therefore, you can use a word counter to keep track of the average number of words in your sentences.

Read the works of reputed authors

There’s nothing better than reading to figure out your shortcomings with writing. Famous authors use straightforward language to express detailed information without overwhelming the reader. Therefore, you don’t need a college paper writing service to work on your paper as long as you can detect your mistakes and rectify them.

Keep a natural yet formal tone

Using fancy words for your assignments isn’t the best option, especially if you use them in the wrong context. Furthermore, it would help if you never used informal language when writing your papers. The best option is to practice writing in a natural, conversational tone in a simple language. Check this – plagiarism checker online

Always proofread your work

Students always skip the proofreading step at the last minute and end up with lower grades than expected. This was bound to happen as a paper can’t be free of spelling and grammatical mistakes when you write it in a hurry. However, if you regularly proofread your work, you’ll pick up on the errors you make and avoid them in the following paper.

You’d never find a word counter tool during Shakespeare’s times. But people still consider him to be one of the world’s greatest playwrights. However, the secret behind his fame lies in the hours of hard work and effort he put into his writing. Thus, if you want to polish your writing capabilities, it’s best to follow the tips highlighted in this article.


With the over-dependence on online assignment writing services and free resources, the standards of educational writing have taken a severe hit. Hence, this article explores the 5 tips you can adopt to improve your assignment writing capabilities.

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Alley John is an assistant professor at a reputed university in the UK. He also provides academic guidance at to students who rely on tools like word counters every day. In addition, Alley John is a  philanthropic and active volunteer at the local orphanage

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