Top 10 visit places near Delhi


It is only natural for Delhi, as a bustling socio-political and cultural city, to have a plethora of tourist attractions. However, there are not only some excellent tourist attractions in Delhi, but also a plethora of sites nearby. Throughout fact, it’s these sites to explore near Delhi that give city people the

 much-needed respite. From breathtaking vistas to leisure and rejuvenation, sightseeing possibilities, and a variety of fascinating activities, these locations have a lot to pull you in and keep you engaged. There are several spots to explore near Delhi by automobile that are noted for their majesty and overall beauty. Here are 70 picturesque sites around Delhi that you may visit by car, train, or plane, depending on your preference. So, without any further ado, here are 10 fantastic weekend getaways near Delhi, ranging from trekking trails to desert towns, national parks to small camp stays:

  1. Nainital
  2. Corbett national park
  3. Manesar
  4. Sohna
  5. Bharatpur
  6. Neemrana
  7. Agra
  8. Jaipur
  9. Dehradun
  10. Mussoorie 


There is no better place to get away from the rush and commotion of the cities. When you reach the Nainital district, you enter another, parallel universe. It’s no surprise, then, that now the Kumaon Himalayas have been known as “devbhoomi” (land of something like the Gods), a spiritual incarnation of the most complicated natural laws at work for millennia to carve out all the perfect crib in the arms of the high minded peaks, which stand as sentinels, providing solace and empowering awe in humanity. Nainital’s allure is reminiscent of a dreamscape. Once upon a time, the British aristocrats frequented the site as a hideaway during the hot summers of something like the Indian mainland, and the practice continues to this day for native Indians as well as our international tourists.

Corbett National park:

Corbett National Park, located in the Nainital area, is ideal for environment aficionados and animal enthusiasts. The tourist attractions of Corbett National Park, named after the legendary British-Indian hunter as well as tracker-turned-conservationist Jim Corbett, have a magical status when it comes to animal holidays in India. This India’s oldest national park is home to rich flora and animals and promises to provide a memorable experience through its safari.

The existence of Royal Bengal Tigers in abundance, as well as the mesmerising terrain for the enjoyment of nature enthusiasts, contribute to the appeal of Corbett National Park. It’s also popular with affluent travellers because to its abundance of wildlife lodges. This ‘Paradise of Tigers,’ located in the Himalayan foothills, is the key to getting away from the bright city lights and relentless traffic roar. A Jim Corbett trip will take you on a journey across lush greenery, reverie belts, water holes, and 521 square kilometres of teeming animal and plant life. 


Sohna, a small, beautiful little village 64 kilometres from Delhi, is a calm, beautiful green hamlet in Haryana as well as a good weekend retreat for people seeking peace and The village is widely renowned among tourists for its medical springs and has frequently been referred to as one of the greatest holiday destinations near Delhi around 100 kilometres for a short weekend getaway.

There is an old temple devoted to Lord Shiva in the vicinity, as well as a number of other tourist sites that you will appreciate. Escape to this hills wonderland with your pals for a fast and brief trip and take in the surroundings.


Bharatpur is indeed a city inside the west Indian region of Rajasthan with 65 wards. It is 180 kilometres from New Delhi, India’s capital, and 178 kilometres from Jaipur, Rajasthan’s city. It was the former capital of something like the viceroyalty of Bharatpur . And is now part of India’s National Capital Region.

Whether you’re a fan of history or a nature enthusiast, you will undoubtedly appreciate what Bharatpur has had to offer.  The breathtaking scenery surrounding Bharatpur is simply breathtaking.

The biggest attraction of Bharatpur is, of course, the bird sanctuary, which is home to over 230 different bird species. 

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