Top 7 Coolest Features of iPhone in 2022

Apple has been around for a while, and it has improved the quality of its smartphones exponentially over the years. A variety of changes have been made in the recent iOS versions. While these changes may not have a fundamental effect on how we use our iPhones, they enhance the overall experience. With the recent updates in iOS, we get to use some really cool features in iPhones in 2022. We can enjoy these features in a new or used iPhone 13 Pro Max or slightly older models like the iPhone 12 Pro.

In this article, we have shared the top 7 coolest features of the iPhone we get to enjoy in 2022. So, continue reading to learn more.

  • Interactive Photos

Apple truly delivered in the latest iOS version when it made the text in photos interactive. By interactive, we don’t mean you can only cut and paste text, but also, the text is entirely clickable. It means you can click URLs and numbers in photos to visit the site or call the number. This feature is extremely useful for a website from where you want to copy some information.

Besides, your pictures also have metadata in the Photos app. It means if you take a picture of your pet, it will show you a link, and upon clicking the link, you can see all the information about its breed. A remarkable feature, to say the least!

  • Unrestricted FaceTime Calls

Everyone knows what FaceTime is, but unfortunately, not everyone can use it unless they have an iPhone. Guess what? Not anymore!

With the arrival of iOS 15, FaceTime is no longer an Apple-only affair. Now, anyone can enjoy this incredible way of video calling their friends. In order to use this feature, you need to create a share link and send it to your friends. They can join the FaceTime call from their browser. So, it doesn’t matter which device they have. They can easily join from their used iPhone 12 Pro Max or a Samsung smartphone. Using an Apple device still has the edge over android devices for FaceTime because it offers various enhancements. But all in all, it’s a fun experience.

  • Focus Mode

Apple has come with various features to improve focus and have some tech-free time, like the Do Not Disturb and Sleep Mode. However, no feature comes as close in terms of productivity as the Focus Mode.

The Focus Mode has been recently introduced, and it offers maximum utility. With this feature, you can create an entire home screen for a particular mode instead of putting the notifications on silent.

For instance, if you want to take a break from your phone for studying, you can create a study mode. This mode will only show you apps and the information you need regarding study after you activate it.

  • Shared With You Media

We have been using iPhones for a long time, and we tend to hoard a lot of stuff on them. Our phones have all sorts of data on them that we either downloaded or shared with us. But who can even remember who shared what with us and when? The answer is nobody! If anyone can remember anything, it will be the fact that a particular photo was shared. However, remembering where it was shared or who shared it is a big ask. So, finally, Apple realized that our memories suck, and we cannot remember such details. As a result, it introduced the Shared With You feature in the latest iOS version.

  • QR Code Enhancements

The QR code enhancement is not a huge update, but it is an impactful one, especially during the Covid-19 days. Although Apple already had the QR feature, it could only read smaller QR codes. But with the pandemic, the world as we knew it took a 360-degree turn, and such small enhancements really brought a huge quality of life boost.

Apple improved its QR code feature, and now it can pick up QR codes in the backgrounds of stuff. Previously, it was a little awkward to use the feature and get everything in focus, but it isn’t the case now.

  • Legacy Contacts

If you use Facebook, you may have heard about the concept of legacy contacts. It is a somber affair but an essential one. Now, Apple has also embraced this vital feature with the iOS 15.2. This feature means you can assign a contact of your choice as the inheritor of your data after you die.

While Apple automatically suggests family members for selection, you can choose anyone from your contact list. You will send them a message, and they will add the key to their account settings. Then, once you are gone, they will easily access your data and do whatever you told them to do after you die.

  • Emergency Calling Button

Although Apple changed the emergency button presses feature in previous models, it didn’t receive a mass appraisal. Most people think that frantically pressing a button is what they will do in a panicked state. So, Apple brought back the multiple button presses to automatically call emergency services in iOS 15. You can still use the hold feature by changing it under Emergency SOS in Settings. However, multiple presses are a safer bet compared to the hold feature because most people are not that calm in an emergency situation.

Final Thoughts

Apple is one of the top companies to manufacture top-of-the-line smartphones. They continue to rule the global market with every new model they release. While you may think about what new features they could possibly bring to the more recent models, they continue to surprise you. The latest iOS is packed with a number of amazing features that are still relevant and useful in 2022. So, if you are wondering whether buying a new or used iPhone is worth it or not, these features speak for themselves. In our opinion, these features make the entire iOS experience worthwhile.

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