truck tool boxes

Truck Tool Boxes

There are many options when it comes to truck tool boxes. These include “standard”, “king,” and “deep” models. Different boxes also have different mounting styles. Some are side-mount, while others are swing-out or swing-off. You can also choose between aluminum and stainless steel. Listed below are some things to keep in mind before you buy a truck tool box.

Standard vs. “king” or “deep” truck tool boxes

When it comes to truck tool boxes, there are a few differences to consider. Some are standard and fit inside the bed while others are “king” or “deep,” and each has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, a standard box is six inches tall and is typically 12 to 18 inches in width, depending on the model. These boxes also typically feature a single or double latch to secure their contents.

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Standard truck tool boxes are the most common and affordable truck tool boxes. However, they can sometimes block your rear view, so make sure to choose one with a low-profile top. You can also choose a truck tool box with rails, which will allow you to strap items to the top. This feature is especially useful if you’re hauling loose loads in the bed.

Side-mount vs. swing tool boxes

A swing-case truck tool box is a type that mounts on a hinge near the tailgate or rear hatch. This design enables the box to swing out of the bed of the truck, enabling easier access to tools inside. Most swing-case tool boxes feature a wheel-well-shaped cutout for easy access. They’re also made of tough ABS.

Depending on the manufacturer, you’ll find two basic types of tool boxes. Side-mount tool boxes are generally about 12″ long and eight” wide. They sit about 6″ off the bed rail and may feature a single or double latch. Topside boxes, on the other hand, are popular with builders and are generally higher and sit on top of the bed rails. Unlike side-mount tool boxes, top-mount tool boxes do not have lids. They’re more like cabinets than boxes.

Side-mount tool boxes are more stable than swing boxes, and they often include feet against the truck bed. These boxes are also compatible with tonneau covers. Tonneau covers may require additional hardware to suspend the box from the bed rail. Side-mount truck tool boxes are popular with people who work in their trucks. They’re also great for storing long tools and straps.

Side-mount truck tool boxes can be secured by locking the box with a padlock. They attach to the sides of the truck bed and are therefore out of reach of thieves. Side-mount tool boxes are typically more secure than swing truck tool boxes, and are often made of more durable materials.

Choosing between a side-mount and swing-truck tool box is crucial for many truck owners. The position of the lid on a truck tool box can affect how easy it is to access tools inside. While many truck tool boxes feature handles on the sides, some are designed with T-handles that can be turned to open the box from either side.

Adjustable compartments

Truck tool boxes are built to protect your tools from the elements. This type of tool box comes in a variety of styles and sizes to meet your needs. Some truck tool boxes have multiple compartments for organizing your tools. Some have adjustable compartments and other features for storing tools in the right place.

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When choosing a truck tool box, consider the dimensions of your vehicle. Not all vehicles are the same, and every make and model will have slight differences in size. This makes it important to purchase a tool box specifically designed for your vehicle. You should also consider what material is best suited for your truck. For example, if you need to store tools in your bed, you should buy a tool box made from weatherproof materials, like steel or aluminum. You should also look for seals and element-resistant coatings.

To make sure your tool box fits into the truck bed properly, consider investing in a toolbox mount. These mounts are available for a variety of vehicles, including pickup trucks. Choosing a tool box with mounting kit makes them a permanent fixture. It also adds durability and built-in organization. Many toolboxes include locks and theft prevention features to ensure your tools are safe and secure.

Some tool boxes have adjustable compartments, making them perfect for small and large tools. These types of tool boxes are available with a low, 10″ height. These boxes are also available with single or double doors, and some have side doors or drop-open doors. They are available in various colors and finishes, including diamond-tread bright aluminum or steel with a baked-on powder coat finish.

Stainless steel vs. aluminum

Steel and aluminum tool boxes are made of different materials, but most of them are made of aluminum. A generous coat of stainless polish will make stainless steel tool boxes look like new, while an aluminum tool box will need to be cleaned before it is polished. Depending on the degree of thoroughness, the polishing process will take a while, but will yield a mirror-like finish. You may want to put on gloves and work clothes before beginning the process.

The advantages of aluminum toolboxes over steel ones include lightweight weight and non-corrosive properties. However, they are heavier and may require routine maintenance. In addition, aluminum tool boxes tend to be more expensive than steel boxes. Therefore, you may want to consider the cost and maintenance before making a final decision.

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Steel truck tool boxes are more durable than aluminum ones. They are less brittle than aluminum and will withstand dents and scratches better. While steel is more durable, aluminum is more malleable and is easier to bend. It is also easier to bang out dents in aluminum than it is to bang out dents in steel.

Aluminum truck tool boxes are often made of bent sheet aluminum. The aluminum sheet is typically coated with a rugged diamond plate pattern. This material is lightweight and strong, so it will resist rusting and deterioration. This material will also keep your tools and other items from shifting inside while you drive.

Another feature of an aluminum truck tool box is a lockable tool tray. It also features a locking mechanism that is difficult to break. This is helpful if you use tools that need to be kept in the truck. In addition, an aluminum truck tool box is easier to move around.


If you’re planning to buy a tool box for your truck, you’ll need to determine the capacity you need. You can choose from two types of boxes: a single toolbox and a dual toolbox. A single toolbox has three-layer foam-filled rigid lids and reinforced side walls. Its capacity is 8.5 cubic feet, and it is 20 inches wide and 70 inches long.

A truck toolbox is a great way to keep your tools organized and protected. It allows you to transport your tools easily and efficiently, and it also works as storage when you’re not using them. It can also keep your tools out of the elements. There are several types of truck toolboxes, and the price range varies.

You should also consider the size of your truck before purchasing a tool box. A mid-sized box will fit a midsize truck, while a full-size box will fit a full-size truck. Generally, full-size boxes will fit Rams, Silverados, and Tundras. Mid-size boxes will fit most mid-size trucks, including Tacomas, Frontiers, and Ranger models.

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A truck toolbox is a great way to organize your tools and protect them from theft. They’re made of durable materials and can be mounted anywhere along the bed rails. Many of these boxes come with mounting hardware and clamps to ensure that they stay securely in place. Truck tool boxes can also add to the look of your truck.

A low-profile truck toolbox offers extra storage space, but also tends to stick out lower on the truck bed. You can choose a low-profile box if you don’t want to compromise on storage space, but be sure to choose the box that fits your truck’s bed.

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