What Are The Most Serious Issues With Online Tutoring?

The findings also revealed issues that students and parents have with online tutoring in Dubai. This blog delves into the primary concerns and misunderstandings surrounding online tutoring, as well as the solutions to these issues.

1. How successful is online tutoring? Is internet education beneficial to children?

Many comparable replies to the usefulness of online tutoring in Dubai and whether online learning platforms produce a successful and productive learning environment were received in the poll.

The most common concern raised by students and parents about online tutoring is if it can genuinely provide a decent working environment. This is due to the fact that many young people utilize technology to play games or watch movies. 

As a result, many young people may not take online learning seriously, and other students may find it difficult to concentrate due to the numerous distractions that internet technology provides.

Thankfully, this is a common misunderstanding about online tutoring in Dubai. This is due to the fact that online tutoring is an efficient method of learning.

2. Internet access and device connectivity for online learning

Other issues with online tutoring in Dubai stem from a technical standpoint. Some participants reported that they have not used online tutors due to connection troubles or devices that do not effectively connect to the internet. 

The majority of online tutoring in Dubai platforms are designed in such a way that connection troubles are not caused by the software they employs. Before a client sees a website built with this software, it is thoroughly tested to ensure that it is free of bugs.

3. Is it safe to learn online? Is it true that online tutors are qualified?

Another issue with online tutoring in Dubai in general is the level of experience of the teacher. Many students and learners are concerned about online teachers’ backgrounds and subsequent experience.

It’s worth noting, though, that online tuition platforms like Sherpa have strong standards in place to guarantee that the private tutors who apply follow them. Tutors who apply, for example, are subjected to a DBS check to establish whether they have any criminal records.

 Check their biography on online tutoring in Dubai platforms to discover if they have supplied their DBS in order to get a tutor with no criminal background.

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