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What do you think of MTV roadies winner List?

What do you think of MTV roadies winner List?

About aspirants- People who are in dire need of counseling. They think they are passionate and determination, and they try to prove that to those that claim they have before, and have done that.

The cash offered is nothing when compared to the length of time and pain, as well as the winners take all style is extremely demoralizing. The only incentive is “to demonstrate to my friends that I’m cool” after returning, brag about being on national TV and be discussed.

This is not something that’s unheard of in the world of Facebook. However, the fact that so many people line up for hours in lines (because there are many) while going through various loops, getting irritated and committing the next forty days of their lives to the program, without a second thought, and delivering low returns is a reflection of the plight of our age.

About hosts- In agreement with the current consensus self-proclaimed experts profiting from the desperate youth of today to be noticed and using it to degrade them in the national arena, making huge profits in tandem. Smart Idiots.

About the format: In times where emphasis on intellect rather than physical muscle strength is put on the table, Roadies takes us a step further in demonstrating that ‘true passion lies in whether or not you are able to perform acrobatics, walk on ropes, or walk in the rain’. If you’re not able to do all these, you’re not enthusiastic enough. In essence, it’s an elaborate circus that is infused with politics. So it’s not surprising that politics in the nation brings out

Such ludds as the country loves to watch the pranksters who play political games and backstabbing.

  • The necessity of Raghu The entire program revolves around Raghu regardless of his appearance on screen. Think of Roadies sans Raghu or his twin. What are they left? Rann vijay? The beautiful host boy who contributes.. Well, nothing to the show.
  • Anger and profanity A lot of people use profanity and anger. The overuse and justifying of profanity, and the way they portray them as morally mature is doing everything. They are able to get mad at anyone and treat everyone as a victim. But , it’s acceptable. Because.. I’m sorry to ask, why is this the best thing to do yet?
  • The Glorified Status of Raghu the creator of the show is trying to take his name too seriously. He likes to present himself as an unrepentant God who has the freedom to treat contestants as puppets, putting them through physical and mental, almost constantly humiliating “challenges” in auditions. The tasks that follow after the journey begins according to what I’m aware are much more effective.
  • The hypocrisy of the judges and their ridiculously useless “analysis” I’ve seen many people try to justify judges’ conduct in this manner “Are the character of the contestant is . (They have to behave this way in order to discover the true personality of the person they are judging.) The judges have apparently deemed them self competent to perform psychological analysis, using well-established and well-studied techniques like The Infinite Crap Approach and The Full Nonsense Process. The plot basically follows this:

My perspective on roadies

1.I truly feel a bit numb for contestants who believe they can gain respect from being on MTV The most awful music television and are simply bhai respect. army me jao,kisi nugo to join ho jao for my public service me desh me liye, kuch acha contribution to.

2.I recall how well my mentor , Mr. Anandsagar Sir made us imagine the entire experience of what roadies are and what contestants have to do;

Translation: For one bike and a few dollars, they’re ready to transform into eunuch; they will collect trash from one side, place it into a bucket, then run toward the other side and then dump it back to the other side! Then they’re eager to get their  knocked away to get their hammered off.

I’ll ask Sir to post the video showing how well he imitated the two buffo’s.

This is the answer you are looking for because I’ll tell you everything about ROADIES, I’m sure of it.

I put in the effort, attended every audition and episode and even checked out videos that promise that roadies is fake show(they claim to have proof too) and even I talk to roadies. I read numerous responses and what I found to be true is there’s two kinds of roadies (related with roadies)

  1. Huge fan of the road shows (LOVERS)

2 Those who do not like reality shows


Let me explain what you’ll discover in the responses

The LOYALIES: They will assure that this isn’t fake or scripted show. They’ll even die to watch the show(stupid kind of people).

HATERS: They will claim that this is a fake program or a scripted show.

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Both of them aren’t telling the all the truth.

Nobody will ever be honest with you.

Perhaps you’re trying to figure out my answer. Wait

Let me now, my dear friends, reveal the truth to you.

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