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What is the best coaching institute for Ethics GS4?

After failing to clear Mains in my first attempt all because of a poor score in Ethics Integrity and Aptitude, I realized that the subject demanded much more than what I had thought or given. I felt a strong need for guidance and that was too good guidance. After casting a look, I landed upon Eden IAS. They have this Ethics GS4 foundation course. 

You might say that other (basically renowned) coaching institutes also extend such courses and I could have opted for it. Trust me guys, I thought and search a lot.

And after exploring a lot, I landed upon this and I have reasons to opt for this course:

#1. A1 FACULTY – At Eden, Ethics is taught by Mr. Trithankar Roychowdhary. His way of teaching is lucid, interesting, and out of the world. If it would have been some other teacher. I would be seen snoring. In the class. But because of Roy sir, I remain charge up throughout the lecture.

#2. NO. OF STUDENTS IN A CLASS – No matter how many students enroll for this course, the batch strength will never go above 70 and that’s the best part. This increases the scope of one-to-one interaction.

#3. SYLLABUS COVERAGE – Syllabus is covered in the promised time. Apart from that, proper class notes are given. which are later supplemented. With the crisp study material in the form of books and whatnot. 

Earlier, I used to refer to these books:

  1. Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude
  2. Human Values – IGNOU material
  3. Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude – Santosh Ajmera & Nanda Kishore Reddy
  4. A Short Introduction to Ethics – Dr. S.N. Singh
  5. Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude by Arihant Publications

But now, all I study are the four important umbrella booklets given by Roy sir: Theoretical Framework, Ethical glossary, 70 Thinkers & Thoughts, and Case Studies. They cover anything and everything.

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I followed what the institute is teaching me and I feel so confident about Ethics.

I along with my best friend are preparing for this year’s Mains examination. Which will be scheduled in September, most probably. After searching for Ethics-related study material online.

We decided to opt for coaching since. The paper was too tactical to be dealt with on your own without any guidance. 

While going to fetch some books in Karol Bagh, my friend stumbled upon a pamphlet on some Ethics course by Eden IAS.

He randomly google it and fetched the details. We weren’t sure. In fact, nobody is sure until and unless you get to see a demo. I must say this coaching institute is pretty smart since they had pre-pinned a video by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary on the home page of their website.

We both were mesmerized. I couldn’t believe my ears – Ethics can be this easy. Next, we remember is getting. Ourselves enrolled in “Ethics GS4 foundation” by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary at Eden IAS premises, Karol Bagh. Although the course is available online too, I recommend you to opt for its offline version. It is a whole new feeling to study Ethics from Roy sir, trust me it is. 

Coming onto the study material, we are made to write class notes.

I opposed it initially but with time realized that nothing can be better than your own Ethics GS4  class notes. And when the faculty is so good, you need not worry about the quality of notes, even though how bad you are at note-making. The class notes.  With four booklets. These include:

  • Theoretical Framework, 
  • Ethical glossary, 
  • 70 Thinkers & Thoughts, and 
  • Case Studies.

They also provide us with 2 snippets for quick revision. 

With that said, in my opinion, Eden IAS is the best coaching institute for Ethics GS4.

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