What Men’s Shoes Are You Going To Pair With Your Outfit?

An excellent pair of dress shoes should not be considered a luxury. Even sneaker or hoodie guys may occasionally need to get dressed up. The advantage of being prepared is that you can. This guide will help with your shoe shopping decisions. We have listed all dress shoes for men. When you are familiar with the different options, you will be well on your way to looking your best at all events.

How to disassemble the Dress Shoe

Before we dive into details about style, we need to first understand the components of a gown men’s casual shoes. A dress shoe’s four main components are the toe (from front to back), vamp (facing), a quarter (facing), and a quarter (quarter). The uniqueness of a dress shoe is determined by its placement and construction.

Types of Dress Shoes

The Oxford

Oxfords, the most timeless and basic dress shoe, are a good starting point. The versatile Oxford shoe can be dressed up and down for formal or everyday wear.

A Little History

The popularity of these shoes grew in 1800 among college students, especially at Oxford University. Students wanted a modern, low-top version of these shoes as they considered the half-boot style of Oxonian shoes obsolete.

How do you identify?

An Oxford shoe’s most distinguishing feature is its “closed lacing”. This is when the shoe’s facing is attached underneath its vamp. This allows for a slimmer silhouette that follows the contour of the foot.

How to Wear the Oxford Shoe

Oxfords are most popular due to their minimalistic nature and ability to pair with almost any outfit.
  1. The wide variety of colors available, from brown to red to dark green to black, in both suede and leather, makes it perfect for everyday wear. Pair it with a bright, colorful sock to get bonus style points.
  2. Black leather, English tan, or cordovan are all good options for business attire. The classic look is maintained with a pair of darker socks.
  3. Black patent leather will work well if you are pairing Oxfords and a tuxedo.

The One Piece Oxford

One-piece Oxford is a variation of the classic Oxford. It is made up of one leather piece and has only one seam. This minimal stitching gives the shoe a sophisticated and sleek look.

The Derby

The Derby is very similar to the Oxford. However, it is a more casual show.

A Little History

The Derby shoe was also known as the Gibson and the blucher. It was a hunting boot and a sports shoe that was introduced in the 1850s. They became suitable for going out in the city at the start of the 20th-century.

How do you identify?

Oxfords are commonly misclassified as derbies due to their similar shapes and subtle differences. The most important difference between Oxfords & Derbys is that Oxfords are made with their facing on top. This is known as “open laces” and allows for a wider fit. The Derby shoe is more casual than the Oxford because of its wider and more comfortable fit.

How to wear Derby

Derby shoes can be styled the same as Oxfords. Derbys can be worn with casual clothing, so they wouldn’t look great with a suit. These calm and collected looks can be completed by chinos or rolled pants with some derby-inspired socks.

The Monk Strap

A laceless shoe that is more formal than the Derby but more casual than an Oxford.

A Little History

This shoe is named after the monks who wore them originally. The simple closed-toe design was more protective than their sandals.

How do you identify?

Monk Straps look similar to Oxfords but have a wider leather swathe that runs across the front. This wide strap can either be fastened by a single or double-buckle clasp.

How to wear monk straps

This classic alternative is laced to dress running shoes and adds an extra flair to any outfit.
  • The monk strap has been deemed a versatile shoe, which can be worn with anything from cuffed jeans to the most stylish of suits.
  • Monk straps draw attention and can sometimes become the focal point for an ensemble.
  • Monk strap shoes can be made out of suede or leather and may have decorative brogueing.

The Loafer

The loafer is moccasin-inspired footwear that is popular for its slip-on style.

A Little History

The original loafer was a casual shoe for a house that King George VI of England designed. The loafer was not widely recognized until it made its way to America in the 1930s. American businessmen and lawyers started wearing loafers paired with suits in 1960. Gucci introduced a bit loafer in 1966. This loafer features a metal strap across the instep that is shaped like a horse’s bite. Gucci’s innovation elevated the loafer’s status as formal footwear. Or at least, it confirmed that it was not casual.

How do you identify?

Loafers are often equipped with a saddle. Decoration could be a plain or a slit strap (as with penny loafers), a metal ornament, or a plain strap. A saddle could have tassels and a kiltie attached, while the Venetian minimalist loafer has an exposed vamp that isn’t embellished or ornated with ornamentation. The toe seam runs up the side of loafers. This is a signature feature, and it’s more common in loafers that aren’t as regal as a moccasin. Driving moccasins, also known as driving shoes, are casual versions of loafers. These shoes are typically made from softer materials, have less structure, and can be worn for comfort while driving.

What to Wear

For formal events, you can wear either clean Venetian loafers (or embellished loafers) with suits. You can also wear casual styles with rolled pants and some Watermelon socks.

The Dress Boot

The dress boot is a shorter, laced-up boot. It is constructed similar to an Oxford, but with a longer shaft.

A Little History

This shoe style has its roots in the Victorian era. Men had very few shoe options. The dress boots quickly became acceptable for formal daywear. They are still attractive alternatives to standard dress footwear today.

How do you identify?

A running shoes for men is an oxford-style boot that is made in the same form as an oxford. It has a longer shaft and is often the same size. This boot, which is laced up and short, may have wingtips brogueing at its seams and toe.

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