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Why Your Cat May Need to Eat More to Gain Weight

Cat May Need to Eat More to Gain Weight

Your cat will gain weight if she eats more calories than she burns off each day, but the reason behind her lack of weight gain could be different than you think. In some cases, it could just be that your cat isn’t eating enough cat food to meet her energy needs or that the food you’re feeding her doesn’t have enough calories to support healthy weight gain. Learn more about why your cat may need to eat more to gain weight by reading this article.

Most Common Causes of Feline Obesity

Nutragold Cat Food is not a miracle cure for cats who need to gain weight, but some common reasons for feline obesity are; eating too much, an inactive lifestyle and certain health conditions. These three reasons are often interrelated.

The most common reasons for excess weight in cats relate to diet, exercise and medical conditions that make gaining weight more difficult. Kittens get fat from excessive food intake.

Remember, if your cat is getting regular physical activity and has normal habits concerning what and how much he eats, you don’t need Nutragold Cat Food for weight gain. If he hasn’t had a recent check-up at the vet, make sure he does.

Tips for Gaining Healthy Weight

In addition to cat food in jelly, be sure you’re offering your cat plenty of stimulation and variety in his diet. Because cats tend to get bored easily, varying meal times and to change their mealtimes often can help them gain a healthy weight.

Also, make sure that your cat has plenty of space for activity (particularly if it’s a kitten). Again, because cats need some exercise to be happy, a dedicated room or even a corner with windows is ideal. Keep an eye on your pet’s overall health.

If you notice he’s looking thin after switching diets or other weight gain issues like diarrhea, bloody stool, or frequent vomiting, contact your vet right away, as these can all be more serious ailments.

How Much Should My Cat Eat?

To gain weight, a cat need to eat cat food to increased calories (kcal) or kilojoules (kJ). If your cat is at their ideal body weight, you’ll need to add about 20 kcal per day for every kilogram of its ideal body weight. For example, if your cat weighs 4 kilograms and is currently at its ideal body weight, you’ll need to feed approximately 80 additional calories each day.

Letting Your Kitty Exercise outside the Home

Of course, your cat can’t leave home for too long (kittens less than 6 months should never be allowed outside alone, even with a collar). But once your furry friend is at least 6 months old and comfortable with an outdoor experience.

Let him roam around as long as he wants. If you have a fenced-in yard, make sure it is secure. Be careful that other animals don’t try to get into your yard or garden while your cat is roaming around.

Exercising at Home

Though most of us associate exercising with going to a gym, your cat can gain weight by doing aerobics and strength-training exercises at home. Some cats even enjoy running on treadmills!

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