XBODE Technologies Private Limited

XBODE Technologies Private Limited

In Xbode, the character you choose has become a central part of the game’s plot. You can customise the character’s appearance and personality by adding a unique name. The player can also customize the character’s appearance by purchasing various skins and accessories. The Xbode application allows players to install, uninstall, and upgrade software, as well as create pre-compiled binary installers for remote computer installation.

XBODE technologies private limited was registered in the Registrar of Companies in Kanpur, India, on December 31, 2019. Its paid and authorized capital is one million rupees. It has four directors, Niten Pangotra is the first director and has served in this capacity for two years. The company’s mission statement is to enable enterprises and people to connect the dots through its innovative products. The XBODE app allows users to create and install portable apps for various devices, and it works on many platforms.

XBODE is a non-government organization founded in 2012 that strives to improve security in the internet of things. Its headquarters is in Kanpur, India, and it is a privately held company. The company’s XBODE software is freely available on the internet and is a valuable resource for developers and users of Internet of Things (IoT) products. The XBODE app development software was originally designed for Linux systems, but now supports many other platforms.

XBODE is a non-government company. It was incorporated on December 31, 2019, and has two directors: Niten Pangotra and Sandeep Sing Rana. The company is based in Noida, India, and its CIN is U29308UP2019PTC125133. The company does not have trademarks, and its finances are not listed. In this article, we’ll review XBODE’s financial status and the features of its products.

XBODE technologies is a private, unlisted company in India. It is governed by two directors and registered in Noida, India. It is a regulated non-govt company and is headquartered in Noida. It has a website with an overview of its business activities and a variety of services. It was established in December 2019 and is a non-profit corporation. However, its finances are not public, and the directors are not government-owned.

The Xbode technology company was founded in 2012 and has two directors. There is no personal manager. The company has two directors and no personal manager. Sandeep Sing Rana has been on the board for two years. Niten Pangotra has been on the board for four years. The company is a private unlisted company, but it operates on several platforms. Its board of directors is composed of individuals with experience in the technology industry.

The company’s founders are two individuals with varied backgrounds. The first is Sandeep Sing Rana, who has been on the board for two years. The second director is Niten Pangotra, who has four directorships. Xbode technologies has a mission to help businesses connect and streamline their business processes through its software. The company has a website, but it is a privately held, unlisted company. Nevertheless, it is a valuable option for Windows users.

Xbode technologies is a non-government organization with offices in Noida, India. Its CIN code is 843486. Founded in 2014, Xbode is a private, unlisted company that is not government owned. There are two directors. Despite its unlisted status, Xbode has been a prominent player in the Internet of Things industry. Its name is a misnomer – it means that Xbode has no official affiliation.

Xbode technologies is a non-government business that focuses on the Internet of Things. Its primary mission is to help enterprises connect dots and make life easier. The company’s software helps enterprises create and manage portable applications and is available on various platforms. Moreover, it is free to download and can be downloaded for free from the web. If you’re in the market for a new software, Xbode technologies is the right choice.

Xbode is an open source application that allows you to create and install portable apps for mobile devices. Unlike other open source applications, Xbode is free, and it supports a variety of platforms. Using Xbode, you can create your own portable apps and games. It doesn’t need to be installed on your device. Instead, users can download the application and begin developing their portable apps. This software is available for download on the GitHub repository.

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